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Blank Book (Icon)

Blank Books can be crafted from 3x Paper or 3x Lotus Blossom .

Image Name Tags Rarity Materials Source
Blank Book Common Lotus Blossom (3)

or Paper (3)

Craft Icon.png Crafting Table




Image Name Tags Rarity Source Materials
Ancient Inventions Rare Crafting Mechanism (1)

Blank Book (1)

Interactive History of Chocolate Rare Crafting Blank Book (1)

Mechanism (1)

Spark (1)

Chocolate Coin (3)

Meditations on Resilience Rare Crafting Little Challenge (1)

Blank Book (1)

Glitchy Book Rare Crafting Glitch (1)

Blank Book (1)

Sweet Dreams Stories Rare Crafting Blank Book (1)

Feather (5)

Star (1)

Sunshine Snuggles Rare Crafting Pineapple (3)

Coconut (3)

Blank Book (1)

Cottage Bookcase Rare Crafting Woodblock (3)

Blank Book (5)

Cottage Desk Rare Crafting Woodblock (15)

Blank Book (10)