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In addition to the special pages listed here, you may find the following system messages useful:

MediaWiki:Sidebar Customize your left-hand sidebar here
MediaWiki:Theme-definitions Curate your list of themes (light, dark, etc) here
MediaWiki:common.css Edit styles for the entire wiki here (e.g. CSS-variable definitions, styles for specific templates, etc)
MediaWiki:vector.css Edit styles for the Vector theme here (e.g. interface styles)
MediaWiki:common.js Edit scripts for the entire wiki here (nearly all JS will go here)
MediaWiki:vector.js Edit scripts for the Vector theme here (e.g. the mobile sidebar button)
MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition Configure the installed gadgets on this wiki
MediaWiki:Newarticletext Edit the text users see when creating new articles
Special:MyPage/sandbox Your personal sandbox page! You can also edit Special:MyPage/common.css and Special:MyPage/common.js to preview style & script edits
MediaWiki:Specialpages-summary Edit this table :)

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