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Welcome to the official Hello Kitty Island Adventure Wiki!

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is a narrative-driven life simulation game embracing friendship and positivity, starring Hello Kitty and Friends and developed by Sunblink in partnership with Sanrio.

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HKIA is currently available only through Apple Arcade. HKIA comes to the Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive and to PC in 2025, followed by later PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 releases.

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Hello Kitty Island Adventure invites players to embark on a tropical getaway where friends and adventures are always just around the corner.

When My Melody is invited to open a gift shop at Big Adventures Park, she invites Hello Kitty and friends—including you! to come along for a tropical island adventure. But things go sideways upon arrival, with the friends separated and the park found abandoned. Join forces with Hello Kitty to restore the desolate theme park to its former glory and create the ultimate island paradise!

Create a unique, Sanrio-style original avatar and get to know iconic Sanrio characters like Kuromi, Badtz-Maru, Cinnamoroll, Chococat, and Aggretsuko. Share gifts, complete quests, and take part in island activities to deepen your bonds. Spruce up cabins to attract new visitors from among Hello Kitty’s many friends. Create a stylish wardrobe all your own, solve mysterious puzzles, cook delectable recipes, collect friendly critters, and fish, and explore the island solo or with a friend to unearth the many secrets of a massive in-game world.

Current Events (July 2024)
Under the Sea Celebration Calendar Icon

Under the Sea Celebration
(May 28 - July 9)
Update 1.7

Sunshine Celebration Calendar Icon

Sunshine Celebration
(formerly Summer's End Celebration)
(July 10 - August 20)
Update 1.8

Pages of Interest
Basics Getting Started Game Mechanics System Requirements
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Quests Icon.png Quests Friend Icon.png Island Residents Inventory Icon.png Materials
Fish Map.png Item Map Exclamation Mark Heart Red.png Game Updates Mail letter unopened.png Sunblink Mail
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Rainbow Reef Icon.png Rainbow Reef Mount Hothead Icon.png Mount Hothead Icy Peak.png Icy Peak
Merry Meadow Icon.webp Merry Meadow Cloud Island Icon.png Cloud Island
Tools Balloons Icon.png Balloons Camera Icon.png Camera Crystal Sensor.png Crystal Sensor
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Watering Can.webp Watering Can Trowel Icon.png Trowel Cloud Light Tool.png Cloudlight
Shops Furniture (Collection Icon).png Small Gift Big Smile Recipes (Collection Icon).png Hello Kitty Cafe Clothing (Collection Icon).png Tuxedosam's Shop
Comics (Collection Icon).pngComic and Bait Shop Potions (Collection Icon).png Witch's Hut Five Star Visitors.png Dessert Boat
Fish (Collection Icon).png Comedy Club Stardust Store (Collection Icon).png Stardust Store
Stations Oven Icon.png Oven Soda Machine Icon.png Soda Machine Cauldron Icon (Cooking).png Cauldron
Dessert Machine Icon.png Dessert Machine Pizza Oven Icon.png Pizza Oven Espresso Machine Icon.png Espresso Machine
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