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Spoilers may be contained on this page.

Island Residents are all of the player’s friends that live and work on the island. By giving gifts, the player can upgrade their friendship level with a given character, unlocking items, color palettes, and quests.

Island Visitors have more limitations on how they interact with the player and do not level friendships like standard Residents do. For more detailed information about Island Visitors, refer to the Island Visitors page.


Resident Friendship

The player can normally give Residents 3 gifts per day to raise friendship. Increased friendship may unlock Companion Abilities, avatar palettes, furniture, recipes, Crafting Plans, and/or various quests. More gifts can only be given with the use of a Friendship Blossom.png Friendship Blossom or Friendship Bouquet.png Friendship Bouquet.

Not all friendships rise at the same rates. Some Residents do have lower max levels than other; however, some Residents also require many more gifts to reach their max level. Later-game characters are more difficult to level.

Friendship progresses from (New) Friend, to Good Friend, to Close Friend, and finally to Best Friend. Good Friends and Close Friends both earn a return gift increase of 1. Good Friends also unlock the ability to receive multiple gifts at a time. Best Friends give Character Gift Boxes, which contain the standard return gift with additions, and also can be asked to collect items for the Collection Box.

For recommendations on the best gifts to give characters, refer to the Character Gift Guide.

Available at Start

The following are introduced during the opening sequence and available to befriend from the start of the game - if the player can reach them. Certain Tools, increased stamina, or the completion of some story quests may be necessary to approach them.

List of Starting Residents
Character Liked Tags Return Gift Max Level
Badtz-Maru-Icon.png Badtz-maru Pizza Pizza
Tropical Tropical,
Joke Joke
Paper.png Paper 20
Chococat-icon.png Chococat ChocolateIconRed.webp Chocolate
Device Icon.webp Device
Book Icon.webp Book
Gizmo.png Gizmo 15
Cinnamoroll-Icon.png Cinnamoroll ChocolateIconRed.webp Chocolate
SpiceIcon.webp Spice
CozybevIconRed.webp Cozy Beverage
Candy Cloud.png Candy Cloud 20
Hangyodon-Icon.png Hangyodon Cloth Icon.webp Cloth
Aquatic Icon.webp Aquatic
Fish~1 Icon.webp Fish
Candlenut.png Candlenut 15
Hello Kitty-Icon.png Hello Kitty BakeryIcon.webp Bakery
FruitIcon.webp Fruit
FancyIcon.webp Fancy
Tofu.png Tofu 25
Keroppi-icon.png Keroppi Critters Critters
Swampy Swampy
Wood Wood
Sugarkelp.png Sugarkelp 15
Kuromi-Icon.png Kuromi Spooky Spooky
Fall Fall
Soda Soda
Light Stone.png Light Stone 20
My Melody-Icon.png My Melody Sweet Sweet
Creative Pink
Dreamy Dreamy
Flour.png Flour 20
Pekkle-icon.png Pekkle Rocky Icon.webp Rocky
RelaxIcon.webp Relax
Music Music
Feather.png Feather 15
Pochacco-Icon.png Pochacco Healthy Healthy
Veggie Veggie
Sports Sports
Strawberry.png Strawberry 20
Pompompurin-icon.png Pompompurin Dessert Dessert
Dairy Dairy
RelaxIcon.webp Relax
Banana.png Banana 20
Retsuko-icon.png Retsuko Fire Fire
Metal~1 Icon.webp Metal
Music Music
Dough.png Dough 20
Tuxedosam-Icon.png Tuxedosam Cloth Cloth
Tropical Tropical
Fancy Fancy
Thread.png Thread 15

Available Later

The following are unlocked at later points in the game by completing certain quests.

List of Unlockable Residents
Character Liked Tags Return Gift Max Level
Wish me mell Icon.webp Wish me mell Fire (Tag) Fire
Flower (Tag) Flower
Rare (Tag) Rare
Honeycomb.png Honeycomb 20
My Sweet Piano -Icon.png My Sweet Piano Cloud Cloud
Creative Creative
Wood Wood
Wool.png Wool 20
Big Challenges Icon.png Big Challenges Resilience Resilience
VolcanicIcon.webp Volcanic
Book Book
Little Challenge.png Little Challenge 20
Tophat Icon.png TOPHAT Stars Stars
Fancy Fancy
Digital Digital
Glitch.png Glitch 10
Lala-Icon.png Lala Cheese Cheese
Creative Creative
Dreamy Dreamy
Stardust.png Stardust 20
Kiki-Icon.png Kiki Dreamy Dreamy
Stars Stars
Frozen Frozen
Stardust.png Stardust 20


The following characters are able to visit the island by staying in Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Visitor Cabins that meet their requirements. Some are able to visit anytime, but others only travel on a set schedule. Once they are staying on the island permanently, the game refers to them as "residents" but does not treat them like the regular Island Residents. Their friendship is measured in stars instead of hearts and can not go above 5 stars.

Other Characters

These characters can be found around the island, sometimes during quests. They have yet to be established as Residents or Visitors.