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Tools are items used to complete tasks around the island. Tools may either be active, requiring the player to select it for use, or passive, where they are always available to be used if the correct conditions are met. All tools are "Legendary" rarity items that can only be crafted once and are not visible in the inventory.

The currently active tool appears in the main interaction button at the bottom right corner of the screen unless the tool cannot be used in the current area or is temporarily replaced with another interaction option. Clicking the dotted white circle button near the tool button opens the toolbar. Active tools can be selected from a semicircular display, while passive tools are shown in a line below. Some passive tools may replace the active tool in the tool button if the player is close enough to an object that the passive tool can affect.

Available Tools

List of Tools
Image Name Materials Use Related Quest
Camera Icon.png Camera N/A Taking pictures "Gudetama Snap"
Crystal_Sensor.png Crystal Sensor Stick.png Stick (3)

Magnet_Icon.png Magnets (3)

Finding Power Crystals "Power Up the Gate"
FlippersDiscordIcon.webp Flippers Strap_Icon.png Strap (1)

Fins.png Fins (1)

Swimming in water "Finding Flippers"
Snorkel.webp Snorkel Rubber.png Rubber (10)

Spark.png Spark (2)

Ingot.png Ingot (2)

Diving in water "Deep Diving"
Net.png Net Stick.png Stick (10)

Thread.png Thread (3)

Light_Stone.png Light Stone (1)

Catching land critters "Open the Nature Preserve"
Fishing_Rod_Icon.png Fishing Rod Stick.png Stick (10)

Thread.png Thread (3)

Gizmo.png Gizmo (1)

Catching fish "Keep It Reel"
Bubble_Wand.png Bubble Wand Box_Clams.png Box Clam (5)

Starfish.png Starfish (20)

Mechanism.png Mechanism (3)

Catching land and underwater critters "Magic Bubble Wand"
Pickaxe.webp Pickaxe Woodblock.png Woodblock (10)

Ingot.png Ingot (3)

Breaking boulders and certain other objects "Revive the Oasis"
Watering_Can.webp Watering Can Mechanism.png Mechanism (2)

Ingot.png Ingot (5)

Watering plants "Flower Power"
Cloud_Light_Tool.png Cloudlight Lotus_Blossom.png Lotus Blossom (20)

Magma_Bloom.png Magma Bloom (20)

Sakura.png Sakura (20)

Cloud_Core.png Cloud Core (1)

Removing Dark Water "The Mystery Tree"
Trowel_Icon.png Trowel Woodblock.png Woodblock (15)

Ingot.png Ingot (5)

Digging up and replanting flowers "Dig It Up"