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Spoilers may be contained on this page.

There are a variety of Weather patterns that can occur on Friendship Island! Typically, all the regions on Friendship Island will be some variation of Sun.png sunny weather, but as the player progresses through the game, they can unlock other types of weather and new items!

Weather App

When the player opens the Menu Tablet Icon .png Menu Tablet they will be able to check the weather! There are two times when weather can occur: "Now" and "Later".

The maximum time between weather events is 40 minutes of playtime. The 40 minute weather timer will also persist across play sessions—meaning if you play for 35 minutes in one play session, close the app, and re-open the app for second 5 minute play session, a weather event will still occur within the 40 minute playtime window.

The Weather App on the Menu Tablet.

Rainbow Reef icon Rain

A player posing at the Aquafall Machine.

The Aquafaller icon Aquafall Machine, also called the Aquafaller, is a structure located to the right of the Kelp Maze fast travel wing icon fast-travel point, in the northeast side of Rainbow Reef icon Rainbow Reef, next to the Dune Lagoon.

The player will unlock the Aquafaller icon Aquafall Machine while completing the "Rain or Shine" quest. After completing the quest, the player will unlock weather on the island, where it can be either Rainbow Reef icon raining or Rainbow Reef icon sunny! The Aquafaller icon Aquafall Machine will occasionally activate, making bubbles as it causes rain to fall somewhere around Friendship Island. The player does not need to be near the machine for it to activate.

Rainbow Reef icon Rain

Rain lasts 10 minutes, and what appears during the rain depends on where it rains.

Rainfall Flower.png Rainfall Flowers will appear during rain in the Rainbow Reef icon Seaside Resort, Rainbow Reef icon Spooky Swamp, or Merry Meadow icon Merry Meadow. When watered using the Watering_Can.webp Watering Can, they produce Raindrop.pngRaindrops. There are 15 flowers per rain period. They can regenerate with the use of Island Bouquets, but they disappear when the rain ends.

In Gemstone Mountain icon Gemstone Mountain, rain makes the Soaking Slugler icon Soaking Slugler appear.

In Mount Hothead icon Mount Hothead, the Shower Springtail icon Shower Springtail can be found in the Hot Springs and along the coast.


Rainbow Reef icon Starfall

A player posing at the Celestree.

The Celestree icon Celestree is a structure located on an island to the northwestern side of Cloud Island icon Cloud Island's fast travel wing icon Critter Corral. To repair the Celestree icon Celestree, the player must complete a series of quests that begins with the "Reach for the Stars" quest and ends with the "Constellation Destination" quest.

When repaired, the Celestree introduces a new weather event, Starfall icon Starfall. A starfall occurs when the Celestree activates. The player does not have to be nearby. The activation occurs randomly and cannot be influenced by the player.

The weather forecast in the player’s menu tablet will show when it is an upcoming weather event. Starfall only happens at Night icon night and takes the form of a star shower in a random region of Friendship Island.

Starfall icon Starfall

Starfall lasts approximately 10 minutes during Night icon night and will fall until Morning icon morning, and what appears during the starfall depends on where it is falling.

Star Treasure.png Star Treasure will appear during a starfall in Gemstone Mountain icon Gemstone Mountain, Mount Hotheqd icon Mount Hothead Seaside Resort icon Seaside Resort, Spooky Swamp icon Spooky Swamp,Cloud Island icon Cloud Island, or Merry Meadow icon Merry Meadow. When opened, inside will contain 3 Stardrop.pngStardrops. There are 5 Star Treasure.png Star Treasure chests per starfall period. The chests disappear when the starfall ends.

In Cloud Island icon Cloud Island, starfall makes the Stardrake icon Stardrake appear. Catching the Stardrake requires Keroppi icon Keroppi's Companion Abilities.

In Rainbow Reef icon Rainbow Reef, the Shower Springtail icon Starry Snipe can be found by fishing above the Kelp Maze and near the Comedy Club.