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This page is directly sourced from the Discord/App Store descriptions of updates and hot fixes!

If you'd like the most up-to-date information, following the official Discord Server's #announcements and #heads-up channels for notifications will ensure you get the information as soon as it's posted!

Update 1.7.5 - NAME (June 12, 2024)

Our new event, Paper Parade, will begin June 13th. It’s time to get colorful! The Paper Parade is here, a holiday to celebrate individuality, self-expression, love, and being yourself. It’s one of Tuxedosam’s favorite holidays of the whole year… and in honor of that, he’s building a Paper Parade Float! Collect different Paper Crafts from Hello Kitty and Friends, learning what each character loves to create, and add them to the Paper Parade Float for artistic rewards. Working together, you’ll make the best-ever one-float-parade!

Play Together

Apple Arcade is celebrating the great fun we can have gaming with friends and family. For a limited time until July 4th, jump into Hello Kitty Island Adventure with a friend to get new multiplayer emotes: Yoga Poses, Meh Shrug, and the Hula. (Please post your best hula snaps to ⁠screenshots !)

Accessibility Improvements

Flower Improvements: Working with Flowers just got a little easier!

  • You can now stack flowers when compositing -- time for some bulk fertilizer!
  • There's now a tab specifically for flowers when editing your cabin
  • The UI should remember the last thing you planted, making it easier to plant repeats
  • We flipped the gradients on patterned Eggwort and Marigolds to be consistent with the other flower types
  • We fixed the trim pattern on Marigold flower crowns

Better Weather: We've included several improvements to weather in 1.7.5, with more to come:

  • Weather timers will now persist across sessions, so if it says rain is coming later when you log off, it will still be coming later when you log back in
  • We've also shortened the maximum time between weather events to 40 minutes
  • We've removed Starfall Chests spawning in inaccessible locations
  • We've added Starfall Chests to Cloud Island
  • We've removed the quests to catch Weather-related Critters

Small Bug Fixes: We've fixed several soft locks and other bugs to improve player experience

Update 1.7 - Picture Perfect & Under The Sea (May 15, 2024)

Gather your friends – The Picture Perfect update has arrived in Hello Kitty Island Adventure! Starting on May 16th, each Island region now has a Photo Op, perfect for taking pictures – you can invite Hello Kitty and friends to these snapshot spots to get the best group photos around. Not only that, but you can also ask Hello Kitty and friends to change their outfits and get the perfect look.

Then on May 28th, Hello Kitty and Friends discuss what their mermaid names would be as the Under the Sea Celebration begins! Gather the mysterious Mermaid Scales for mesmerizing mermaid-themed rewards. But it seems like someone on the island might be creating these scales in secret – who could it be?

There’s so much more to explore––including the all-new Creation Station, a magical tree that summons shooting stars, and of course, a brand-new batch of quests and stories with Hello Kitty and friends.

  • Picture Perfect upgrades: The Island Nuls have planned a surprise for you! Each Island region now has a Photo Op, perfect for taking pictures – you can invite Hello Kitty and friends to these snapshot spots to get the best group photos around. Not only that, but you can also ask Hello Kitty and friends to change their outfits to get the perfect look. Time to capture some memories!
  • Creation Station: Unleash your inner DIY artist! Set up the new Creation Station in the Merry Meadow to take your crafting to the next level. Use flowers as a beautiful component to create all-new items such as candles and flower crowns.
  • Under the Sea Celebration: It’s time to make a splash, mermaid-style! Mysterious Mermaid Scales have been popping up all over the Island - gather them to collect mesmerizing mermaid-themed outfits and furniture. Also, it seems like someone on the island might be creating these in secret – who could it be?
  • Starfall: What’s more beautiful than a sky full of stars? A sky full of shooting stars! Repair the Celestree on Cloud Island and summon magical Starfall showers to enjoy with your friends.
  • Face & Back Accessories: You’ve been asking, and Tuxedosam has delivered again! Stop by his shop to pick up all-new clothing items like sunglasses, backpacks, and even fairy wings. The Island’s never looked so stylish.
  • New Stories: Everyone’s been having a relaxing vacation… except for Retsuko! Help Hello Kitty make sure that Retsuko gets the break she deserves. Meanwhile, Big Challenges is ready for yet another challenge. It’s time for some serious construction on Friendship Island. So grab your hard hat and let’s get to it!
  • New Visitors: Wish me mell has a new round of friends visiting for vacation; say hello to Nina, Lutz and Roseanne!
1.7.1 Hotfix - (May 20, 2024)
The following should be working properly:
  • Chococat's crafting bonus is active again
  • Super Siblings quest no longer affects game saving
  • Keroppi and Badtz-maru are no longer blocked by the Rainy Day Rambles quest
  • Breaking boulders out of order no longer blocks the Cafe Cinnamon Unite quest
  • The red dot for giftable character is back on the map
  • Fixed pattern flower duplication glitch
  • A few other small fixes

The following issues are still under investigation:

  • Longer than an hour wait between weather events
  • Performance issues during weather events
  • Unexpectedly speedy flower growth in Mt Hothead
  • Seeds not being watered by Sprinkler Hat

Update 1.6 - Cabins & Castles (Apr 3, 2024)

  • Cabin Upgrades: are you ready for the biggest cabin makeover ever? Now you can upgrade your cabins to make room for up to six visitors!
  • A brand-new batch of quests and stories celebrate new & old friendships. Bring music, fun, and happiness to the Island by producing a concert with your friends!
  • Hear ye, hear ye! Princess Hello Kitty of the Kingdom of Friendship invites you and all her friends to the Imagination Celebration. Find the Mystic Stones before the Spooky Queen Kuromi does, and be richly rewarded!
  • A mysterious foundation awaits beneath the waves; but what does it do? Carefully repair the Aquafaller to bring back rain, and watch Friendship Island spring to life in new ways!
  • The Merry Meadow has even more to discover! Magic beanstalks guide the way to the Meadow’s upper glades, revealing new treasures and secret rooms. Here’s a tip: you’ll want to dust off those puzzle-solving skills!
  • New visitors are here; Hello Kitty’s Mama and Papa have finally arrived for a sweet vacation with the family! Poco and Chico will also be visiting and can’t wait to stop by and say hello to you and Wish me mell.
1.6.5 Update - Month of Meh (Apr 29, 2024)
  • It’s all eggs everywhere! Month of Meh spotlights gudetama, the lazy egg that has taken Friendship Island by storm… kinda. During the Month of Meh, we celebrate the fact that all of us would prefer to stay in bed sometimes. Find yolks in over-sized eggs, as bonuses from Nisetama-san, or from gifting friends, and bring them to the Egg Shrine for egg-xcellent prizes. Or don’t, it’s really up to you.
  • Who’s this mysterious, magnificent, dashing person dressed as an egg yolk? It’s Nisetama-san, of course! He’s here on the Island only during the Month of Meh! Take his picture each day - if you can find him - before he poofs away at the end of the month.
  • Pompompurin and Pekkle have teamed up to create an all-new cooking station: the Egg Pan! Get the campfire going to bring new egg-based treats to all your friends, like Omelet, Crepes and Tarts. So egg-xciting!
  • The TOPHAT gudetama have returned! As part of the egg-stravaganza this month, any TOPHAT gudetama you haven't found are back again, giving everyone a chance to catch up on rewards and achievements.
  • Guess who has a birthday coming up? You’ll be able to play through special stories with Hello Kitty and Friends around their birthdays, so make sure you stop by to celebrate – Chococat and Tuxedosam both have birthdays in May!
1.6.2 Hotfix - Cabin Compensation (April 9, 2024)
When the update went live, everyone can expect to find in their inventory:
  • 25 Strawberry Crates
  • 100 Sticks
  • A Kitchen Essentials Package that includes multiple counters, cabinets, sink, and fridges
  • A full set of Colorblaze Carnival furniture, including many duplicates that weren’t available during the event
  • A full set of Springtime Celebration furniture, including many duplicates
  • Two Hello Kitty Floorings and Wallpapers
  • 5 Clothing Stands

Depending on if player's had the following items in their inventory before, they would find them restored if they are missing:

  • All Party Favors
  • All Character Collectors Hats
  • All Character Holiday Sweaters
  • All Gudetama Outfit Pieces
  • All Event Clothing (Colorblaze, Autumn Fashion Frenzy, Frosty Fashion Frenzy, Give & Gather, Happy Haven, Hugs & Hearts, Launch Celebration, Lighttime Jubilee, Luck & Lanterns, Springtime Celebration)

Depending on if the player had the following items in their inventory before, they will find additional ones in their inventory (including some duplicates that weren’t available during the event):

  • Nordic Furniture
  • Yummy Furniture
  • Kawaii Furniture
  • Hello Kitty Furniture
  • Fwish Furniture
  • Cottage Furniture
  • Antique Furniture
  • All Cooking Stations
  • All Comics
  • Event Furniture (Spooky Celebration, Rainy, Summer’s End, Luck & Lanterns, Lighttime Jubilee, Hugs & Hearts, Give & Gather)

Update 1.5 - Merry Meadow & Springtime Celebration (March 2nd, 2024)

Discover an all-new island region starting today, and look forward to the Springtime Celebration arriving on March 2nd! Watch the trailer below!

  • Merry Meadow - Discover the brand-new Merry Meadow! This lush new island region is full to the brim with fantastic flowers, charming cottages, and hidden hideaways to uncover.
  • Wish me mell - Who’s this hiding in the Meadow? Wish me mell has joined the group! She is friendly, good-hearted, and loves to garden in the Merry Meadow. Can you find her, earn her trust, and become best friends?
  • Flowers - Start your very own flower garden! Collect and plant seeds to grow beautiful flowers around the Island. Depending on your methods, you’ll even have the chance to grow rare and special varieties – the only way to find them is to get your hands dirty!
  • Springtime Celebration - The Springtime Celebration is arriving March 2nd, and the trees will be in full bloom! Collect petals all around the island and exchange them for beautiful Japanese-inspired decor and fashion, including your very own kimono.
  • Picture Time - The Selfie Camera gets a major upgrade: now your friends can smile and wave at the camera too! It’s ideal for posing those big group selfies, or just getting the picture-perfect shot with your bestie. Now, let’s do a silly one!
  • New Visitors - Wish me mell is bringing her Friends Aro and Lou by for a visit! Cinnamoroll's been looking for a friend from Cafe Cinnamon. Will they appear?
  • Birthday Quests - Guess who has a birthday coming up? Starting in March, you’ll be able to play through special stories with Hello Kitty and Friends around their birthdays, so make sure you stop by to celebrate – Cinnamoroll and Hangyodon both have birthdays in March!
  • New Stories - Discover new stories around the island and continue to restore the Island Spirit.
1.5.5 Hotfix (March 15th, 2024)
Starting March 18th, celebrate International Day of Happiness during Happy Haven Days! During this one-week-only event, help Hello Kitty spread cheer with a surprise recipe—and receive plenty of surprise gifts.

Fixes & Improvements:

  • New furniture customization options
  • Seeds and Seedlings are no longer tradeable to fix a crash bug
  • Planted seed packets go to a watered/fertilized sprout state instead of a seed state
  • The Cinnamoroll Birthday quest blocker should now be resolved
  • Other small bug fixes

Update 1.4 - Fully Furnished Fun (January 11, 2024)

Confirmed Features & Content Includes:

  • Furniture Customization! Just like clothing, you’ll be able to change the look of certain pieces of furniture. Unlike clothing, you’ll get more granular options so you can mix and match different aspects
  • The Main Story Continues! Are you ready to help Friendship Island start healing from her old hurt?
  • New Event: Luck & Lantern Festival! - Are you ready to celebrate the Year of the Dragon? Get ready for some Lunar New Year inspired fun!
  • New Event: Frosty Fashion Frenzy! - Brrrr! It's getting chilly! Snuggle up in some cozy sweaters, beanies, and fur-lined skirts that Tuxedosam's prepared special for the season!
  • And more!

Quality of Life Updates:

  • Grind Alleviation! We have several changes to help ensure everyone has enough time each day to hang out with friends, decorate cabins, change up their style, and snap some cute pics. A new nul will be hanging out near the plaza to help you, and your besties may even lend a hand.
  • Pickaxe++! The Pickaxe is getting a powerup! Now you can use your pickaxe to remove certain lingering objects around your island.
  • Mermaidifier Upgrade! Tired of having to manually put on your mer-outfit? An easier way is right around the corner! Work together with a Sanrio friend to make the Mermaidifier even more powerful.

Update 1.3 - Friendship Never Fades (November 17, 2023)

Confirmed Features & Content Includes:

  • Brand New Resident: My Sweet Piano!
  • New Event: Give & Gather Celebration
  • New Avatar Type
  • Four New Visitors
  • Continue the Main Quest
  • Multiplayer Friendship Levels
  • New Strawberry Crate Source
  • Upgrade Your Crystal Sensor with New Functionality
  • Follow the Guiding Light?
  • And more!

Quality of Life Updates:

  • Guarantees for Traveling Visitors (3 Days)
  • Guarantees for Character Hats (100 boxes)
  • Easier Cinnabloom collection (removed many spawn points, kept spawn number the same)
  • New, clearer icons for furniture sets so you can attract those visitors
  • Fixed bug with daily quests that weren’t incrementing properly
  • Fixed Spooky Secrets quests that weren’t triggering reliably
  • Fixed Retsuko going underground
  • Many more small fixes!

Update 1.2 - Kuromi's Spooky Celebration (September 29, 2023)

Confirmed Features & Content Include:

  • The Spooky Celebration runs through October -- expect new furniture, new looks, and some new fun
  • Three new visitors! Can you guess who would be in Kuromi's update?
  • Continue the story of Kiki & Lala and explore two new areas of Cloud Island!
  • Gudetama returns! But how?
  • Home Sweet Home - Get your own cabin, on your island AND on a friend's! (That's right, multiplayer cabins!)
  • Multiplayer Decorating - Watch and react as your friends decorate their cabins
  • Wallpaper & Flooring - Change up the look and feel of your cabins with new wallpaper & flooring customization
  • And more!

Quality of Life Updates:

  • Multi-Open! No more going through character boxes 1 by 1
  • Pineapples and Coconuts! We're adding more Coconuts and making it easier to craft some Ultimate Gifts
  • Tuning to make character box returns more plentiful
  • More to come!
1.2.5 Hotfix (November 1, 2023)
  • Run, don't walk, to the Fall Fashion Frenzy; a limited-time reward calendar full of new adorable autumn styles!
  • We fixed some bugs with multiplayer gifting and Main Menu music; now everyone can jam to spooky tunes again.
1.2.2 Hotfix (October 17, 2023)
  • Vacation Homes quest does not block other quests anymore
  • Mocha's visiting schedule has been fixed
  • Other minor bugs have been fixed
1.2.1 Hotfix (October 6, 2023)
  • The Mystery Tree quest is no longer blocked by the Spooky Secrets quest
  • All spooky outfits can now be used for Trick or Treating
  • New Strawberry Crates have been added to Cloud Island
  • Fishing has been adjusted to be easier
  • Other bugs have been fixed

Update 1.1 - The LittleTwinStars (August 25, 2023)

  • Have you scaled Icy Peak? Get ready to rise into the sky and meet the LittleTwinStars in a brand new area of the game.
  • Participate in the Summer's End event to get seasonal athletic wear, a beachy towel wrap, and more new looks and new furniture.
  • Craft multiple things at once! No more grinding Gizmos into Mechanisms one by one! You'll also be able to donate multiple critters and cook multiple items at once.
  • Ask visitors to stay at your island permanently! Make sure you get Dear Daniel into the cabin you want him in!
  • Many more quality of life updates and small bug fixes!
1.1.2 Hotfix (September 1, 2023)
  • Day 3 Friendship Bouquet works
  • Resident Visitors give daily gifts
1.1.1 Hotfix (August 31, 2023)
  • The LittleTwinStars now have 10 more levels of friendship and brand new Cloud Island decor and palettes
  • Hello Kitty's Sous Chef ability has been fixed and the proper bonuses should be working
  • The Summer's End Celebration Stand should now be uncovered for everyone
  • Bonus Sunscreen time has ended: players now receive 1 from each daily request
  • The new Gudetama hat from 1.1 is now showing up properly
  • Character boxes now reflect the gift that you gave your Bestie
  • Missing strings were restored
  • Many early game improvements were made to initial quests
  • Players on Day 3 of the game should get a bonus Friendship Bouquet from My Melody

Hot Fixes (Pre Update 1.1)

1.0.5 (August 10, 2023)
  • Very rarely, folks were losing save data; that should no longer happen.
  • Restored key items to folks who may have lost them during multiplayer
  • Clarified the save file conflict popups
  • Fixed quests that players may have become blocked on
  • Added a What's New banner so you can get this info in game
  • Addressed several smaller bugs and issues
1.0.4 (August 2, 2023)
  • Friends can no longer take important items from your island
  • You will receive a warning if your iCloud storage is full
  • The issues with the Zipline Quest have been fixed
  • You can no longer access areas outside of the gate before it is open