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The ultimate goal is to complete 14 goals related to brewing, baking, cooking! The player can access their Collections application via the Tablet in the upper right corner of the screen.

See "Recipes" for a complete list & guide to all food/consumable items in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Chef Goals Collection Icon

List of Objectives

Name Description Reward
Yes, Chef! "Make your first recipe" x1 Cake
Beginning Baker "Make 3 recipes at the Oven" x1 Flour
Beginning Barista "Make your first recipe at the Espresso Machine" x1 Candlenut
Primo Pizzaiolo "Make your first recipe at the Pizza Oven" x1 Dough
Dessert Debut "Make your first recipe at the Dessert Station" x1 Cactus Cream
Solo Soda "Make your first recipe at the Soda Station" x1 Fizzy Crystal
Cooking Beginner "Cook 10 total recipes" x1 Cake
Cooking Intermediate "Cook 30 total recipes" x1 Mama's Apple Pie
Cooking Expert "Cook 75 total recipes" x1 Red Bow Apple Pie
Baking Bliss "Unlock 20 recipes at the Oven" x2 Red Bow Apple Pie
Pizza Perfection "Unlock 11 recipes at the Pizza Oven" x2 Ultimate Joke Pizza
Soda Satisfaction "Unlock 14 recipes at the Fizzy Drink station" x2 Pumpkin Spice Soda
Delicious Desserts "Unlock 16 recipes at the Dessert Boat" x2 Mama's Pudding
Excellent Espresso "Unlock 16 recipes at the Espresso Machine" x2 Chocolate Chai