Cloudy Construction

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Cloudy Construction

Cloudy Construction is a puzzle room located in Cloud Island. The reward for completing Cloudy Construction is the Decorative Mount Hothead Star Fragment Crafting Plans.


Before you begin, it's important to note there are four total movable blocks in this puzzle room:

  • 3 cloud platform blocks
  • 1 thermal block

The blocks will need to be placed close enough together (steps 3 & 4) to allow you to move the block over them to the 3-cube high tower where the Treasure Chest.

  1. Move the first cloud block (fig. 1a) to the far 2-cube ledge (fig. 1b)
  2. Activate the second (fixed) cloud block (fig. 2)
  3. Head back to the first cloud block and move it to the ramp and activate it
  4. Cross the ramp and move the third cloud block to the center cube of the platform (fig. 4b) past the yellow falling cubes and activate it to turn the ramps into a merged bridge
    • you can move the third cloud block up the ramp from the side you are currently on to try to match it up to the center but it's more difficult to align it doing this
  5. Finally, move the thermal block to the tower (fig. 5a), activate it and fly up to the Treasure Chest to collect your reward!
Map of Cloud Island Puzzle Room Locations