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Treasure Chests of Friendship Island

Treasure Chests' are unlockable chests scattered around the island. Within each treasure chest, there will be a specific item. Items may include Furniture, Clothing, Dye Pouches, Materials, and Crafting Plans.

Treasure chests on Cloud Island Icon.png Cloud Island have their own unique look but are otherwise the same as other treasure chests. After normal treasure chests are opened, it can be destroyed with the Pickaxe.webp Pickaxe if desired. This is purely an aesthetic choice and does not reward materials.

If a chest is locked with chains, it is part of a quest and will be unlocked during the quest. Treasure chests involved in a quest cannot be destroyed with the Pickaxe.webp Pickaxe.

There are also other chests, the Radiant_Chest_Icon.png Radiant Chests, which are locked until you unlock them with a Coral_Key.png Coral Key.

Treasure Chest Location Map

Treasure chest maps for Cloud Island and Merry Meadow are needed.