Sweets for the Sweetest

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"Sweets for the Sweetest" is an "Around The Island" quest that is unlocked when the player has a 5 star-rating with Macaron the cutest dog Macaron in addition to having her as an permanent island resident.

Quest Description

"Help Pompompurin Pompompurin welcome Macaron the cutest dog Macaron to the island."

quest description

Quest Information

The player meets with Pompompurin Pompompurin, and he asks for help. He wants to make a welcome basket for Macaron the cutest dog Macaron now that she has decided to stay on the island. He did not finish her gift because he fell asleep!

To help, Pompompurin Pompompurin requests 3 Macaron the food macarons, 1 purple sunhat Purple Sunhat, and 1 Rocky Gift Rocky Gift.

Once the player gives all of the items to Pompompurin Pompompurin, he puts together a welcome basket at the Dessert Boat just in time for Macaron the cutest dog Macaron to visit him. She compliments the setup of the boat and her cabin. When she receives her gifts, she thanks both Pompompurin Pompompurin and the player before leaving to return to her cabin with the gifts. Pompompurin Pompompurin also thanks the player for their help making Macaron the cutest dog Macaron happy.