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Around The Island quests relate to exploring the island, often finding, collecting, and/or distributing items.

Quest List

Name Requirements Other
Small Gift Big Smile Friendship Level 1 - My_Melody-Icon.png My Melody

3 Strawberry_crate.png Strawberry Crates

Opens the Small Gift Big Smile store
The Case of the Missing Pudding Permanent residents:

Pompompurin's Papa Icon.png Pompompurin's Papa
Pompompurin's Mama Icon.png Pompompurin's Mama

Cinna-Run-Around "A Day Out for Cinnamoroll" quests

Permanent residents:
Cappuccino (Character).png Cappuccino
Coco.png Coco
Nuts.png Nuts

Conch Quests (All) Finding the respective conch:

Green_Echo_Conch.png Green Echo Conch
Blue_Echo_Conch.png Blue Echo Conch
Red_Echo_Conch.png Red Echo Conch
White_Echo_Conch.png White Echo Conch
Pink_Echo_Conch.png Pink Echo Conch
Purple_Echo_Conch.png Purple Echo Conch
Orange_Echo_Conch.png Orange Echo Conch
Brown_Echo_Conch.png Brown Echo Conch
Sky_Echo_Conch.png Sky Echo Conch
Yellow_Echo_Conch.png Yellow Echo Conch

Fantastic Fruit Collect 5 Stamina_Apple_Slice.png Stamina Apple Slices Stamina_Apple.png Stamina Apple crafting plans
Friends From Cafe Cinnamon II "Friends from Cafe Cinnamon" quest

"Espresso Machine Repair" quest

Permanent residents:

Espresso.png Espresso

Cappuccino (Character).png Cappuccino

Continues in "A Day Out for Cinnamoroll" and "Little Friendship From Cafe Cinnamon"
A Day Out for Cinnamoroll (quest series) Friendship Level 15 - Hello Kitty-Icon.png Hello Kitty

"Home Sweet Home" quest series

"Fire Up the Volcano" quest

"Friends From Cafe Cinnamon II" quest

Permanent residents:
Chiffon.png Chiffon, Cappuccino (Character).png Cappuccino, Espresso.png Espresso, Mocha Icon (Character).png Mocha

Continues in "Cinna-Run-Around" quest
Little Friendship From Cafe Cinnamon "Friends From Cafe Cinnamon II" quest

Permanent resident:
Cappuccino (Character).png Cappuccino

Coco.png Coco

Nuts.png Nuts

Lost Luggage "Delivery Service" quest
Straight to Your Heart "Absence Makes the Heart" quest Fast_Travel_Icon.png Fast-Travel Mailbox at the Icon_dialog_location.png Heart of the Island
Curious Critter Only available during the Hugs & Hearts Festival event Hugs & Hearts Furniture

Heartwig.png Heartwing (when event ends)

Restore the Nature Preserve Friendship Level 2 - Keroppi-icon.png Keroppi

"Open the Nature Preserve" quest

Bog_Critterlist.png Bog Critter List

For full completion:
FlippersDiscordIcon.webp Flippers
Snorkel.webp Snorkel
Pickaxe.webp Pickaxe

Icon_item_quest_critterlist_seaside.png Seaside Critter List

Icon_item_quest_critterlist_reef.png Reef Critter List (requires FlippersDiscordIcon.webp Flippers)

Gemstone_Critterlist.png Gemstone Critter List (requires Snorkel.webp Snorkel)

Icon_item_quest_critterlist_hothead.png Volcano Critter List (requires Pickaxe.webp Pickaxe)

Missing Friends, Missing Gifts Friendship Level 1 - My_Melody-Icon.png My Melody

"Small Gift Big Smile" quest

The Laziest Egg 6 Gudetama_Icon.png gudetama photos

"Power Up the Gate" quest

"Gudetama Snap" quest

Unlocks The_Laziest_Egg.png Tophat Gudetama

Decorative Gudetama crafting plan

Continues in "The Laziest Eggs"

The Laziest Eggs "The Laziest Egg" quest Decorative Gudetama crafting plan
Curious Caverns "Revive the Oasis" quest Unlocks Merry_Meadow_Icon.webp Merry Meadow
Lost Keepsake Lost_Doll.png Lost Doll Continues in "Curiouser and Curiouser"
Sweets for the Sweetest Permanent residents:

Macaron Icon.png Macaron

A Long Awaited Introduction "Curiouser and Curiouser" quest Nuts (icon) Wish me mell
Beach Blossoms Wish me mell (icon) Wish me mell

Permanent residents:

Lou.png Lou

Unlocks flower plots in Seaside_Resort_Icon.png Seaside Resort

Unlocks Hibiscus.png Hibiscus

Wildflower Hustle "A Long Awaited Introduction" quest
Island Showstoppers "Comic Relief" quest

Permanent residents:
Azuki Icon.png Azuki
Chiffon.png Chiffon
Mocha Icon (Character).png Mocha

Bigger on the Inside "Revive the Oasis" quest

"Home Sweet Home" quest series

Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Visitor Cabin Upgrade/Expansion
Wild Mountain Time Wish me mell (icon) Wish me mell

Permanent residents:

Poco.png Poco

Thistle (icon) Thistle
Petal Puzzle "Care Packages" quest
Beyond The Blooming Door "Petal Puzzle" quest Crane Craze.png Crane Craze minigame
An Egg-cellent Pan "Rockadoodler Roundup" quest Egg Pan Station Icon.png Egg Pan Station
Five Stars "An Egg-cellent Pan" quest

Greater than or equal to 102 Gudetama Icon.png gudetama photos

Sweet Crepe.png Sweet Crepe Recipe (Swampmallow)
Cafe Cinnamon Unite A Day Out for Cinnamoroll (quest series)"Friends from Cafe Cinnamon" quest

"Little Friendship From Cafe Cinnamon" quest

"Friends from Cafe Cinnamon II" quest

"Cinna-Run-Around" quest

"Island Showstoppers" quest

Friendship Never Fades (quest series)

Permanent residents:

Coco.png Coco, Nuts.png Nuts, Cappuccino (Character).png Cappuccino, Azuki Icon.png Azuki,

Espresso.png Espresso, Chiffon.png Chiffon, Mocha Icon (Character).png Mocha

Relationship Goals Permanent residents:

Dear Daniel-Icon.png Dear Daniel

Rainy Day Rambles "Rain or Shine" quest
Picture Day "Enraging Ruins" quest

"Gudetama Snap" quest

"Meet the Island Beings" quest

Photo Ops.png Photo Ops
Super Siblings Permanent residents:

Mimmy.png Mimmy

Tropical Sunhat.png Tropical Sunhat
Fiery Flowers Wish me mell (icon) Wish me mell

Permanent residents:

Poco.png Chico

Heavy Nettle.png Heavy Nettle
When The Stars Align "Starry Treasures" quest

Event Quest List

Name Requirements Other
Give & Gather Only available during the Give & Gather Celebration event Holiday Sweaters
Lighttime Jubilee Only available during the Lighttime Jubilee event Lighttime Jubilee Furniture
Happy Haven Days For Happy Haven Days event

Only available March 18th (3/18) until March 23rd (3/23) annually

Confetti Cake.png Confetti Cake Recipe

Happy Haven Days Outfit pieces:
Happy Haven Slacks.png Happy Haven Slacks
Happy Haven Gown.png Happy Haven Gown
Happy Haven Crown.png Happy Haven Crown

Month of Meh For Month of Meh event

Only available from May 1st (5/1) until May 31st (5/31) annually

Nisetama-san.png Nisetama-san