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Hello, I've been working on fish and creature lists, including locations within the regions and times of day. I'm working to verify each and keep updating the list on discord but would love to migrate it here.

A huge help would be if we had a uniform map overview with a grid system so that coordinates can be listed rather than individually created descriptions of things like which pond to look in, etc.

I am new to creating Wiki pages, so if anyone would like to set up a template, I would want columns for species name (for fish one row for each size), region, detailed location, times of day (or 4 columns for each of the 4 game time periods, morning, day, evening, and night).

If there's a default format we are using I'd love the start of it and then I can fill in the data. - njunju

For creating transparent images, I recommend using Photoroom background-remover! I've created pages for both Fish and Critters -Auevi :)

Regions in Main Page sidebar

It looks like we need to add Merry Meadow to the regions section of the left sidebar. I can't remember how to find the source for that sidebar, though. Anyone else?

Mara.charnell (talk) 00:18, 23 March 2024 (UTC)