Merry Meadow

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full Merry Merry Meadow map

Name Merry Meadow
Symbol Merry Meadow location icon
Location Underneath the Oasis Waterfall
Fast Travel Stops Fast Travel Icon png Merry Meadows Fields, Merry Meadows Plaza, Merry Meadows Overlook, Merry Meadows Temple, Merry Meadows Critter Corral
Additional Areas Hidden paths to High Desert, Icy Peak, Kelp Maze, and Outer Cloud Cabin

Blooming Door.pngTemple Ruins

Visitor Cabins 6

Merry Meadow location icon Merry Meadow is a beautiful meadow full of lush grass and branching waterways. This region can only be accessed after the "Curious Caverns" quest, when Pompompurin head icon Pompompurin leads the way to the hidden path under the waterfall.

The fields of the Meadow are full of plots perfect for growing Seed Icon image Seeds into Flower (icon) Flowers of many kinds! There are also Visitor Cabins (icon) Visitor Cabins around the region, but not everything can be reached immediately.

Giant Seeds for Beanstalks

Sturdy stone walls with clinging vines prevent easy access to different parts of the Meadow. Starting with a particularly large patch of soil in the Merry Meadows Fields, planted Giant Seed (icon) Giant Seeds can grow into a beautiful, gigantic Beanstalk vine if watered for 3 days. The fully grown vines provides paths to the upper levels of the region: the Fast Travel Icon png Merry Meadows Plaza, allowing access to the Seed Dispenser png Seed Dispenser; the Fast Travel Icon png Merry Meadows Overlook, where a mysterious Greenhouse is located; and the highest level, where the Merry Meadows Temple, the Crane Craze game, and the Merry Meadows Critter Corral are all found. A strange power prevents ascending to the upper levels until the vines grow.

Giant Seed (icon) Giant Seeds are often well-hidden. The first is in the puzzle room in the Meadow Fields. Becoming closer friends with Wish me mell gives access to another (in "Care Packages"). Every level has what is needed to reach above it.

Connections to the Island

More strangeness can be found in Merry Meadow for those who search thoroughly. Even though accessed from beneath the Oasis, blocked pathways to the outside world can lead all sorts of places, from the heights of the High Desert and Icy Peak to the depths of the Kelp Maze. A Beanstalk planted in a particularly high spot may even break through to the clouds themselves.


The following characters are characters that generally reside in Merry Meadow. Characters that pass through Merry Meadow but do not reside there are not listed.

Wish me mell

Wish me mell Icon image Wish me mell can be found wandering the fields and tending to the flowers in the Fast Travel Icon png Merry Meadows Fields.

Regional Finds

Image Name Tags
Mossling png Mossling Critter tag Meadow tag
Blossom Bounder png Blossom Bounder Critter tag Meadow tag
Catercreeper png Catercreeper Critter tag Meadow tag
Flowerfly png Flowerfly Critter tag Meadow tag
Image Name Tags
Geranium Gar png Geranium Gar Fish tag Meadow tag
Petalscale png Petalscale Fish tag Meadow tag
Meadow Stripe png Meadow Stripe Fish tag Meadow tag
Half-Dipped Dace png Half-Dipped Dace Fish tag Meadow tag
Floral Flyer png Floral Flyer Fish tag Meadow tag
Cherryfin png Cherryfin Fish tag Meadow tag
Image Name Tags
Seed png Seed N/A
Worm Tail png Worm Tail N/A
Pollen Puff png Pollen Puff N/A

Locations Icon_dialog_location.png

Creation Station

The Creation Station Icon.png Creation Station is located near the Fast Travel icon Merry Meadows Critter Corral in Merry Meadow icon Merry Meadow after the "A Place to Art" quest is completed.

Hidden Entrances

Around Merry Meadow icon Merry Meadow, there are hidden entrances to other areas of Friendship Island.