All the Boxes

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Hello Kitty Box "All the Boxes" is a Around the Island quest "Friendship" quest that is unlocked when the player has at least one Island Resident who is their Best Friend heart (image) Best Friend.

Quest Description

"Talk to Hello Kitty (icon) Hello Kitty's about your special new gift boxes."

quest description

Quest Information

The player meets with Hello Kitty-Icon.png Hello Kitty, who is missing a whole box of Apple.png Apples that she needs to make pies with. She mentions that she knows she ordered them, but they did not arrive. She then asks the player to find 10 Apple.png apples. After the player gives her the apples, she praises the quality of the apples and asks the player where they got them from.

Hello Kitty-Icon.png Hello Kitty thanks the player by rewarding them with a Hello Kitty Box.png Hello Kitty Box. She explains that similar boxes given by friends can be opened up from the player's inventory and sometimes contain incredibly rare surprises!