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Friendship Quests are quests that are related to the player’s friendship with various characters. These quests usually involve helping a character complete a task, or doing them a favor.

Birthday quests are a type of Friendship Quest that are only available for one week each year. At the end of each birthday quest, players will receive a decorative Party Favor that corresponds to the island resident whose birthday it is. Once a player has started a birthday quest, they will be able to finish it at any time, even after the week is up.

Quest List

Name Requirements Other
Fish Noir Friendship Level 11 - Badtz-Maru-Icon.png Badtz-maru

"Comic Relief" quest

Detective Outfit
Reboot the Robots Friendship Level 7 - Chococat-icon.png Chococat

"Bring Back the Swing" quest

Friends from Cafe Cinnamon Permanent residents:

Chiffon.png Chiffon
Mocha_Icon_(Character).png Mocha

Continues in "Friends From Cafe Cinnamon II"
Cinnamoroll is Missing

(Formerly Suspicious Sounds)

Friendship Level 14 - Cinnamoroll-Icon.png Cinnamoroll

"Delivery Service" quest

Propeller_Hat.png Propeller Hat

Mailbox_Key_Icon.png Mailbox Key - Access to Plane

All the Boxes Any Best_Friend_Heart.png Best Friend 1 Hello Kitty Box.png Hello Kitty Box
Espresso Machine Repair Friendship Level 11 - Hangyodon-Icon.png Hangyodon

"When You Fwish Upon a Fish" quest

Espresso_Machine_Icon.png Espresso Machine inside Recipes_(Collection_Icon).png Hello Kitty Cafe
Umbrella Escapade Friendship Level 1 - Hello_Kitty-Icon.png Hello Kitty Mama%E2%80%99s_Apple_Pie.png Mama's Apple Pie
Cloud Cabins Friendship Level 10 - Kiki-Icon.png Kiki

"Sweets in the Stars" quest

Cloud_Ride_Icon.png Cloud Ride #2
Cloud_Island_Icon.png Cloud Island Visitor Cabins
Catching a Cloudragon Friendship Level 8 - Kiki-Icon.png Kiki
Friendship Level 13 - Keroppi-icon.png Keroppi

"Magic Bubble Wand" quest

"Icy Recovery" quest

Cloud_Ride_Icon.png Cloud Ride #4
Hidden Treasure "Tuxedosam’s Dye Upgrade" quest Red_Dye.png Red Dye
Sweets in the Stars Friendship Level 2 - Lala-Icon.png Lala

"Icy Recovery" quest

Candy_Cloud_Machine.png Candy Cloud Machine
Cloud_Ride_Icon.png Cloud Ride #1
Star Fish Friendship Level 5 - Lala-Icon.png Lala

Sweets in the Stars quest

"Keep it Reel" quest

3 Starfruit.png Starfruit

Cloud_Ride_Icon.png Cloud Ride #3
The Fun in Furniture (quest series) Friendship Level 5 - My Sweet Piano -Icon.png My Sweet Piano Furniture Customizing Station
Picture Perfect Friendship Level 6 - My Sweet Piano -Icon.png My Sweet Piano

"The Fun in Furniture" quest series

Plush Presents Friendship Level 10 - My Sweet Piano -Icon.png My Sweet Piano

"Picture Perfect" quest

"Flower Power" quest

Crystal Vay-Cay Friendship Level 8 - My_Melody-Icon.png My Melody

"Revive the Oasis" quest

"Dessert-ed Boat" quest

"Meet the Island Beings" quest

Heavy Metal Hoedown Friendship Level 10 - Pekkle-icon.png Pekkle

"Enraging Ruins" quest

"Fire Up the Volcano" quest

Remove the boulder obstructing the Dance Hall
Rockadoodler Roundup Friendship Level 8 - Pekkle-icon.png Pekkle

"Open the Nature Preserve" quest

Unlock the Game Ticket Icon.png Rockadoodler Roundup mini game
Pochacco Energy Pop Friendship Level 11 - Pochacco-Icon.png Pochacco

Friendship Level 6 - Pekkle-icon.png Pekkle

"Revive the Oasis" quest

"A Zipline Adventure" quest

Pochacco_Energy_Pop.png Pochacco Energy Pop recipe
Big Naps Friendship Level 10 - Pompompurin-icon.png Pompompurin

"Revive the Oasis" quest

Unlock Double Beds
Ice Cream Social Friendship Level 7 - Pompompurin-icon.png Pompompurin

"Power Up The Gate" quest

"Dessert-ed Boat" quest

"Revive the Oasis" quest

Boulder Bits Ice Cream.png Boulder Bits Ice Cream
Swimming Lessons Friendship Level 17 - Retsuko-icon.png Retsuko

"Fire Up the Volcano" quest

"Bring Back the Swing" quest

Potion Hunt (quest series) Speedy_Swimming_Potion.png Speedy Swimming Potion

Orange Whole Piece Swimsuit.png Orange Whole Piece Swimsuit
Care Packages Friendship Level 12 - Wish me mell Giant Seed
Prank Preparation Friendship Level 1 - Badtz-Maru-Icon.png Badtz-maru

3 Rubber.png Rubber

Water_Balloon.png Water Balloon crafting plans
Journey to Chefhood (quest series) Friendship Level 3 - Hello_Kitty-Icon.png Hello Kitty
Standing Up Friendship Level 1 - Tuxedosam-Icon.png Tuxedosam Clothing_(Collection_Icon).png Tuxedosam's Shop
A Friend Indeed (quest series) Friendship Level 15 - My_Melody-Icon.png My Melody My Sweet Piano -Icon.png My Sweet Piano
Freshly-Baked with Love Friendship Level 8 - Hello_Kitty-Icon.png Hello Kitty

Completed Journey to Chefhood (quest series)

Chocolate Pineapple Pudding.png Chocolate Pineapple Pudding
Baker's Assistant Friendship Level 17 - Hello_Kitty-Icon.png Hello Kitty

"Freshly-Baked with Love" quest

A Bridge Too Short Friendship Level 6 - Big Challenges Repairs to Friendship Island amenities
Coastal Crawl "A Bridge Too Short" quest

Friendship Level 9 - Big Challenges

Repairs to Friendship Island amenities
Fish Tales "Keep it Reel" quest
Family Vacation "Revive the Oasis" quest

Permanent residents:

George White

Mary White

Hats On, Hats Off "Meet the Island Beings" quest
What Goes Up... (quest series) Friendship Level 13 - Big Challenges

"Coastal Crawl" quest

Repairs to Friendship Island amenities
A Place to Art "Beyond The Blooming Door" quest Creation Station
Research Assistant "Open the Nature Preserve" quest
The Briefest of Breaks "Research Assistant" quest

"Deep Diving" quest

Enchanted Potion Giveaway Potion Hunt (quest series)
Potion Hut Special "Enchanted Potion Giveaway" quest

"Missing Friends, Missing Gifts" quest

Mindful Moments "Revive the Oasis" quest
Chasing Critters "Open the Nature Preserve" quest
Refined Tastes "A Challenging Rescue" quest
Friendly Folks and Perfect Puddings "Revive the Oasis" quest
Ice Cream Dreams "Friendly Folks and Perfect Puddings" quest
Baker's Bestie "Baker's Assistant" quest
Best of the Best "A Challenging Rescue" quest

"An Egg-cellent Pan" quest

Friendship Level 9 - Retsuko

Friendship Level 15 - Pochacco-Icon.png Pochacco

Pop Up Pizzeria Friendship Level 13 - Retsuko

Friendship Level 3 - Badtz-Maru-Icon.png Badtz-maru

Cinnamoroll Sweets Friendship Level 4 - Hangyodon

Friendship Level 11 - Cinnamoroll-Icon.png Cinnamoroll

Friends And Fizz "Parched" quest
Bog Jog "Power Up The Gate" quest
Destination Inspiration "Crystal Vay-Cay" quest

"A Place to Art" quest

"Fire Up the Volcano" quest

The Rewards of Research "The Briefest of Breaks" quest

Wish me mell Icon.webp Wish me mell

Desert Dash "Bog Jog" quest

"Parched" quest

Slope Scamper "Desert Dash" quest

"Enraging Ruins" quest

Birthday Quest List

Name Requirements Other
Magical Mailboxes Only available March 6th (3/6) until March 12th (3/12) annually

"Delivery Service" quest

Cinnamoroll Party Favor (icon) Cinnamoroll Party Favor
One Night Only Only available March 14th (3/14) until March 20th (3/20) annually

"Comic Relief" quest

"Dessert-ed Boat" quest

Hangyodon Party Favor (icon) Hangyodon Party Favor
The Most Epic Prank Ever Only available April 1st (4/1) until April 7th (4/7) annually

"Open the Nature Preserve" quest

Pompompurin Party Favor (icon) Badtz-maru Party Favor
All For Pudding Only available April 16th (4/16) until April 22nd (4/22) annually

"Dessert-ed Boat" quest

"Deep Diving" quest

Pompompurin Party Favor (icon) Pompompurin Party Favor
Mysterious Maps Only available May 3rd (5/3) until May 10th (5/10) annually

"Deep Diving" quest

Pompompurin Party Favor (icon) Chococat Party Favor
Dressed to the Nines Only available May 12th (5/12) until May 18th (5/18) annually

"Bring Back the Swing" quest

"Comic Relief" quest

Pompompurin Party Favor (icon) Tuxedosam Party Favor
Being Green Only available July 10th (7/10) until July 16th (7/16) annually

Badtz-Maru-Icon.png Badtz-maru, Keroppi-icon.png Keroppi, Retsuko, Chococat

Pompompurin Party Favor (icon) Keroppi Party Favor
Sugar And Spice Only available July 3rd (7/3) until July 16th (7/9) annually

My Sweet Piano -Icon.png My Sweet Piano, Hangyodon

"A Friend Indeed (quest series)"

Pompompurin Party Favor (icon) My Sweet Piano Party Favor
Finding Your Groove Only available July 27th (7/27) until August 3rd (8/3) annually

"Keep it Reel" quest

"Bring Back the Swing" quest

Potion Hunt (quest series)

Pompompurin Party Favor (icon) Pekkle Party Favor