Merry Meadows Critter Corral

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Name Merry Meadows Critter Corral
Region Merry Meadow

The Merry Meadows Critter Corral is a special area located in Merry Meadow. The Merry Meadows Critter Corral is an designated area that contains an ecosystem to home the biodiversity of Critters found on Merry Meadow. See Meadows Critter Corral for fast-travel location.

Related Quests

In order to unlock the Merry Meadows Critter Corral, the player must plant a Giant Seed and water it once a day until a beanstalk grows.


Players can donate their Critters to the Nul inside of the corral. Player can donate a total of (unknown number) critters to the Merry Meadows Critter Corral.

List of Critters

Critters caught in Merry Meadow can be donated to the Nul and will appear in the Merry Meadows Critter Corral.

Name Blossom Bounder Mossling Catercreeper Flowerfly