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The Cloudlight Cloud Light Tool.png allows the player to disperse Dark Water. During the "The Mystery Tree" quest series, the player will receive the Cloudlight Plan from Chococat icon Chococat.



During the "The Mystery Tree" quests and the "Friendship Never Fades" quests, there are spheres of Dark Water that the player can disperse using the Cloudlight. The Cloudlight Cloud Light Tool.png is not selectable in the player's toolbar — it only appears on-screen when the player is close to a sphere of Dark Water.


The Cloudlight Cloud Light Tool.png recipe is unlocked during the "The Mystery Tree" quests, when Chococat icon Chococat gives the player the Cloudlight Plans. In order to craft the Cloudlight, you'll need the following items: 20 Lotus Blossom Lotus Blossom.png, 20 Magma Bloom Magma Bloom.png, 20 Sakura Sakura.png, and the Cloud Core.png Cloud Core. The Cloudlight can be crafted at Chococat icon Chococat's crafting bench in Seaside Resort Icon.png Seaside Resort.

Image Name Tags Rarity Materials
Cloud Light Tool.png Cloudlight N/A Legendary Lotus_Blossom.png Lotus Blossom (20)

Magma_Bloom.png Magma Bloom (20)

Sakura.png Sakura (20)

Cloud_Core.png Cloud Core (1)