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Sakura, or cherry blossoms, can be found near Pompompurin-icon.png Pompompurin's Dessert Boat in Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain after completing the quest "Revive the Oasis". A total of 15 sakura flowers can be found each day.

Image Name Tags Rarity Source
Sakura.png Sakura PinkIcon.webp Common Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Oasis



Image Name Rarity Tags Materials
SakuraSoda.png Sakura Soda Uncommon Soda Icon.webp PinkIcon.webp Fizzy_Crystal.png Fizzy Crystal + Sakura.png Sakura
SakuraPudding.png Sakura Pudding Uncommon DessertIconRed.webp PinkIcon.webp Cactus_Cream.png Cactus Cream + Sakura.png Sakura
SakuraCake.png Sakura Cake Uncommon BakeryIcon.webp PinkIcon.webp Flour.png Flour + Sakura.png Sakura
Pink Latte.png Pink Latte Uncommon CozybevIconRed.webp PinkIcon.webp SweetIcon.webp Candlenut.png Candlenut +

Strawberry.png Strawberry or Sakura.png Sakura

Pizza.png Pizza Common Pizza_Icon.webp Dough.png Dough +

Chocolate_Coin.png Chocolate Coin or Sakura.png Sakura or Snowcicle.png Snowcicle

Cloud%20Light%20Tool.png Cloudlight Legendary N/A Lotus_Blossom.png Lotus Blossom (20)

Magma_Bloom.png Magma Bloom (20)

Sakura.png Sakura (20)

Cloud_Core.png Cloud Core (1)

Sakura Cheesecake.png Sakura Cheesecake Uncommon BakeryIcon.webp Cheese Icon.png PinkIcon.webp Flour.png + Flour

Moon Cheese.png Moon Cheese +

Sakura.png Sakura

Sakura Frappe.png Sakura Frappe Uncommon CozybevIconRed.webp Snowflake Icon.png PinkIcon.webp Candlenut.png Candlenut +

Snowcicle.png Snowcicle +

Sakura.png Sakura

-recipes to be updated in the future