Cottage (Furniture)

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Cottage Furniture Icon

The Cottage Furniture Collection has a total of 17 pieces of furniture. Crafting plans for the Cottage Furniture are received as friendship-level gifts from My Sweet Piano. All Cottage Furniture items MUST be crafted. Cottage Furniture can be customized using the Furniture Customizer.

My Melody's Mama and Grandma, who are Island Visitors, require three pieces of cottage furniture.

List of Furniture

Image Name Type Found Crafting Cost
Cottage Armchair My Sweet Piano (Level 9) Wool (20)

Feather (5)

Cottage Bed My Sweet Piano (Level 19) Wool (100)

Feather (20)

Cottage Double Bed Dessert Boat Cottage Bed (1)

Feather (25)

Cottage Bookcase My Sweet Piano (Level 5) Woodblock (3)

Blank Book (5)

Cottage Coffee Table My Sweet Piano (Level 13) Woodblock (6)

Wool (10)

Cottage Desk My Sweet Piano (Level 12) Woodblock (15)

Blank Book (10)

Cottage Dining Chair My Sweet Piano (Level 4) Woodblock (2)

Wool (5)

Cottage Dining Table My Sweet Piano (Level 8) Woodblock (10)

Wool (10)

Cottage Dresser My Sweet Piano (Level 17) Woodblock (20)
Cottage Fireplace My Sweet Piano (Level 18) Ingot (20)

Woodblock (20)

Coastal Decorative Plant (1)

Cottage Lamp My Sweet Piano (Level 15) Spark (15)

Wool (5)

Cottage Ottoman My Sweet Piano (Level 3) Wool (30)
Cottage Side Table My Sweet Piano (Level 7) Woodblock (3)
Cottage Sofa My Sweet Piano (Level 11) Wool (100)

Fabric (10)

Cottage Stool My Sweet Piano (Level 2) Wool (10)

Woodblock (3)

Cottage Wallpaper My Sweet Piano (Level 16) Wool (10)
Cottage Flooring My Sweet Piano (Level 14) Wool (20)