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Wool is given to the player as an reward for gifting My Sweet Piano. Once reaching Best Friend status with My Sweet Piano, the player can receive Wool by opening her Character Gift Boxes.

Image Name Tags Rarity Source
Egg.png Wool N/A Uncommon My Sweet Piano -Icon.png My Sweet Piano



Image Name Tags Rarity Materials
Basic Plush Rare Wool (3)
Cottage Armchair Rare Wool (20)

Feather (5)

Cottage Bed Rare Wool (100)

Feather (20)

Cottage Coffee Table Rare Woodblock (6)

Wool (10)

Cottage Dining Chair Rare Woodblock (2)

Wool (5)

Cottage Dining Table Rare Woodblock (10)

Wool (10)

Cottage Lamp Rare Spark (15)

Wool (5)

Cottage Ottoman Rare Wool (30)
Cottage Sofa Rare Wool (100)

Fabric (10)

Cottage Stool Rare Wool (10)

Woodblock (3)

Cottage Wallpaper Rare Wool (10)
Cottage Flooring Rare Wool (20)