Dig It Up

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"Dig It Up" is an "The Right Tools" quest that is unlocked when the player has reached friendship level 10 with Wish me mell and has already completed the "Mulch Be Well" quest. The player will unlock the Trowel Tool when completing the quest.

Quest Description

"Learn how to use the Trowel with Wish Me Mell"

Quest Information

The player meets Wish me mell, who says she is feeling under the weather but had big plans for the Merry Meadow Icon.webp Merry Meadow today. The player offers to help her, but she says that she wishes she had an extra Trowel for the player so they can help her move flowers around.

She then gives the player the crafting plan for the Trowel. In order to craft the Trowel the player will need the following materials: 15 Woodblock and 5 Ingot.

After crafting the Trowel, the player must talk to Wish me mell, who tells the player to walk up to any blooming flower and use the Trowel to move it. The quest ends after the player digs up a flower with the Trowel and replants it.

Required Materials

In order to craft the Trowel, the following items are required: 15 Woodblock and 5 Ingot. After finding all of the materials, the player can craft the Trowel at the crafting table.