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The Trowel Icon.png Trowel is a tool that allows the player to dig up and replant flowers at different locations on the island. The Trowel can be crafted while completing the "Dig It Up" quest.

Trowel Icon


The player can use the Trowel Icon.png Trowel to dig up and replant a variety of Flowers in flower plots, such as the ones in Merry_Meadow_Icon.webp Merry Meadow. It must be selected in the toolbar to be used to dig up plants.

The Trowel Icon.png Trowel can dig up flowers at any stage of their growth (seed, sprout, grown, bud, or bloomed). Troweling a seed or a sprout reverts it into a seed packet in the inventory. Troweling a grown plant, bud, or bloomed plant turns it into a seedling. If used on a flower at the bloomed stage, the flower is also automatically plucked. A freshly replanted seedling cannot be watered or fertilized until the following day.

Event flower seeds or sprouts will disappear if troweled, but a confirmation box will appear to make sure that the player intends to trowel it. Event flowers at the grown plant stage or older can be troweled as normal.


The Trowel Icon.png Trowel recipe is unlocked during the "Dig It Up" quest, when Wish me mell Icon.webp Wish me mell gives the player the Trowel Crafting Plan. In order to craft the Trowel Icon.png Trowel, the player will need the following items: 15 Woodblock.png Woodblock and 5 Ingot.png Ingot. The Trowel Icon.png Trowel can be crafted at any Crafting Table Icon.png Crafting Table.

Image Name Tags Rarity Materials
Trowel Icon.png Trowel N/A Legendary Woodblock.png Woodblock (15)

Ingot.png Ingot (5)