Mulch Be Well

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"Mulch Be Well" is an "The Right Tools" quest that is unlocked when the player has reached friendship level 8 with Wish me mell and has completed the "Green Thumbs" quest. The player will unlock the Composter when completing the quest.

Quest Description

"Discover what else the Seed Dispenser can do!"

Quest Information

The player meets with Wish me mell, who says she has been looking at the Seed Dispenser and thinks she knows what the other part is — a Composter!

She says that the Composter Bin is currently empty, but the player can make Fertilizer once it is filled up. She then asks the player to try putting a flower into the Composter (Note: The player can put flowers, troweled flowers, flower seeds, or regular seeds into the Composter).

After filling the Composter, the player will talk to Wish me mell again, who explains that the Composter will give you Fertilizer. She says that Fertilizer will help the player grow special flowers and asks the player to add it to a Seedling.

After adding Fertilizer to a seedling, Wish me mell says that she cannot wait to see what pops up in the player's garden. She then reminds the player that Fertilizer gives them the chance of growing a special flower and to use it as much as possible. The quest ends with her telling the playing that growing rare flowers will take patience, diligence and time.