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Fast-travel (Icon)

Fast-travel allows the player to teleport to different locations on the island and is unlocked after completing "Delivery Service" quest. There are a total of __ unlockable fast-travel locations. Fast-travel is accessible via fast-travel mailboxes and the Map application on the Tablet menu.

Fast-Travel Locations by Area

Seaside Resort Icon.png Seaside Resort

Resort Plaza

Resort Gate

Resort Docks

Cozy Islands

Hopscotch Islands

Moon Island

Spooky Swamp Icon.png Spooky Swamp

Spooky Swamp

Nature Preserve

Ghost Tour Ride

Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain

Gemstone Town


Icy Peak Entrance

Rainbow Reef Icon.png Rainbow Reef

Comedy Club

Kelp Maze

Sunken Ship

Heart of the Island

Mount Hothead Icon.png Mount Hothead

Mount Hothead

Hot Springs

Upper Ruins Entrance


Icy Peak

Icy Peak

Cloud Island

Cloud Island Plaza

Outer Cloud Cabin

Cloud Island Critter Corral

Cloud Island Ponds

Merry Meadows

Merry Meadows Fields

Merry Meadows Plaza

Merry Meadows Overlook

Meadows Critter Corral

Meadows Temple