Gemstone Town

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Name Gemstone Town
Location South
Region Gemstone Mountain
Buildings/Structures Dance Hall, Gem Match mini-game, Soda Machine, Crafting Table
A player standing next to the Gemstone Town fast-travel point.

The Gemstone Town is an fast-travel point, located in Gemstone Mountain.


Gemstone Town is located in the southern region of Gemstone Mountain. Pekkle can be found dancing away in the center Gemstone Town, just south of the Dance Hall. There are a variety of buildings and structures located here, including the Dance Hall, where Island Residents can go to dance, the Soda Machine, located east of the fast-travel point where the player can brew soda, and the Gem Match mini-game, located north of the fast-travel point, which the player can play to earn a variety of prizes. In addition, there is a Crafting Table located to the left of the Dance Hall, which is unlocked during the "Dessert-ed Boat" quest.