Spooky Swamp (Fast-Travel Location)

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Name Spooky Swamp
Location East
Region Spooky Swamp
Buildings/Structures Witch's Hut, Bogging for Apples mini-game, Haunted Mansion
A player standing next to the Spooky Swamp fast-travel point.

The Spooky Swamp is an fast-travel point, located in Spooky Swamp.


Spooky Swamp is home to Kuromi-Icon.pngKuromi, who hangs out in the center of Spooky Swamp or in her shop, Witch's Hut. The Bogging for Apples mini-game also is located in Spooky Swamp, where the player can earn prizes. Finally, the Haunted Mansion, a spooky mansion filled with puzzles can also be found just northeast of the fast-travel point.