Resort Plaza

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Name Resort Plaza
Location South
Region Seaside Resort
Buildings/Structures Small Gift Big Smile, Hello Kitty Cafe, Tuxedosam's Shop
A player standing next to the Resort Plaza fast-travel point.

The Resort Plaza is an fast-travel point, located in Seaside Resort.


The Resort Plaza is home to a variety of shops, including Small Gift Big Smile, Hello Kitty Cafe, and Tuxedosam's Shop and many of the Island Residents live there.

My Melody-Icon.pngMy Melody lives inside of their shop, Small Gift Big Smile, after the player has completed the "A Friend Indeed" quest series My Sweet Piano will join her. Hello Kitty-Icon.pngHello Kitty runs her Hello Kitty Cafe, which offers a variety of baked goods. Tuxedosam-Icon.pngTuxedosam is inside of his clothing store, Tuxedosam’s Shop, just west of the Resort Plaza. Pochacco-Icon.pngPochacco can be found just east of the fast travel point training for his next marathon. Once the player has completed the "A Challenging Rescue" quest, TOPHAT will relax at the beach alongside his best friend, Big Challenges.