Flower Power

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"Flower Power" is a "The Right Tools" quest that is unlocked when the player reaches friendship level 14 with My Melody-Icon.pngMy Melody and has completed "Crystal Vay-Cay" and the "Power Up the Gate" quest.

Quest Description

"Learn how to water the Gift Flowers around Friendship Island."

Quest Information

The player will meet My Melody-Icon.pngMy Melody in her shop, Small Gift Big Smile to start the quest. She will explain that she is so busy with work that she doesn't have the time to water her Plants. She will then give the player a Watering Can to water her Plants for her. The player must then water the four Plants around her shop, which will appear with an exclamation point above them. After the player has finished watering her Plants, they must go speak to My Melody-Icon.pngMy Melody again, who will give the player the crafting plans for the Watering Can.