Small Gift Big Smile

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A player speaking to My Melody in Small Gift Big Smile.

Small Gift Big Smile is a furniture store run by My Melody-Icon.png My Melody in Seaside Resort Icon.png Seaside Resort. It is located in the Resort Plaza right around where the player spawns. When talking toMy Melody-Icon.png My Melody, the player can purchase a variety of furniture — each day there will be a total of 6 items of furniture that the player can purchase.

Shop Expansion

During the "A Friend Indeed" quest, My Melody-Icon.png My Melody will work on expanding Small Gift Big Smile for the arrival of her best friend, My Sweet Piano to Friendship Island. Upon her arrival, My Sweet Piano will run the store alongside My Melody-Icon.png My Melody.

Furniture Customization Station

During the "The Fun in Furniture" quest series, My Sweet Piano will work on an new addition to the Small Gift Big Smile shop, the Furniture Customization Station, also known as the Furniture Customizer! The player can use the Furniture Customizer to customize furniture.