Seaside Resort

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Name Seaside Resort
Symbol Seaside_Resort_Icon.png
Location South
Fast Travel Stops Fast_Travel_Icon.png Resort Plaza, Resort Docks, Resort Gate,
Cozy Islands, Hopscotch Islands, Moon Island
Additional Areas Airplane
Visitor Cabins 6

Seaside_Resort_Icon.png Seaside Resort is a beach themed island located in the south of the world map. It is the first zone unlocked by the player and where the player spawns loading into their game. The center of Seaside Resort is home to multiple shops surrounding Resort Plaza, as well as the Resort Gate on the east side of the island. Across the north bridge are the Cozy Islands; upon first glance they may seem like a part of Rainbow Reef, however they are part of Seaside Resort because Dear Daniel-Icon.png Dear Daniel can move into the cabins on Cozy Islands. Seaside Resort has five puzzle rooms.

After the player has completed the "Beach Blossoms" quest, they will be able to plant Seed Seeds in the flower plots around the Seaside Resort, which will grow in to Hibiscuses.


In addition to the characters that live in Seaside Resort, Seaside Resort is also a common gathering spot for various quests. The following characters are characters that generally reside in Seaside Resort. Characters that pass through Seaside Resort, such as Cinnamoroll-Icon.png Cinnamoroll, are not listed here.

My Melody

My_Melody-Icon.png My Melody lives near the Resort Plaza in her shop, Small Gift Big Smile. She greets the player with Daily Rewards every new day.

Hello Kitty

Hello_Kitty-Icon.png Hello Kitty lives near the Resort Plaza, where she runs Hello Kitty Cafe.


Tuxedosam-Icon.png Tuxedosam runs Tuxedosam’s Shop, a clothing store just west of Resort Plaza.


Pochacco-Icon.png Pochacco lives just east of Resort Plaza, next to the fast travel station, where he can be found exercising. He also watches over the gudetama sign.


Chococat-icon.png Chococat lives on the east side of Seaside Resort, near the Resort Gate fast travel station. He can be found hear his tent, which has a crafting table the player can use. Unless accompanying the player, he does not wander around the island.


Badtz-Maru-Icon.png Badtz-maru lives on the docks southwest of Resort Plaza, where he runs Comic and Bait Shop.


When he isn’t in wandering around Spooky Swamp, Keroppi-icon.png Keroppi can be found near Badtz-maru's Comic and Bait Shop.

My Sweet Piano

After the arrival of My_Sweet_Piano_-Icon.png My Sweet Piano, she will live with My_Melody-Icon.png My Melody near the Resort Plaza in her shop, Small Gift Big Smile. She will come to the island after the player has completed the "A Friend Indeed" quest series.


Once the player has completed the "A Challenging Rescue" quest, Tophat_Icon.png TOPHAT will relax at the beach alongside his best friend, Big_Challenges_Icon.png Big Challenges.

Big Challenges

Once the player has completed the "A Challenging Rescue" quest, Big_Challenges_Icon.png Big Challenges will relax at the beach alongside his best friend, Tophat_Icon.png TOPHAT.


Image Name Tags
Blue Butterfly.png Blue Berryfly Critter Tropical
Dunebug.png Dunebug Critter Tropical
Honey Bandit.png Honey Bandit Critter Tropical
Scruffy Shortleg.png Scruffy Shortleg Critter Tropical
Castle Crab.png Castle Crab Critter Tropical
Dragondarter.png Dragondarter Critter Tropical Rare
Sunslime.png Sunslime Critter Tropical
Image Name Tags
Peppermint Tetra.png Peppermint Tetra Fish Tropical
Citrusfin.png Citrusfin Fish Tropical
Seaweed Skipper.png Seaweed Skipper Fish Tropical
Summer Sole.png Summer Sole Fish Tropical Rare
Coastal Clamfish.png Coastal Clamfish Fish Tropical Rare
Masked Wrassler.png Masked Wrassler Fish Tropical
Tropical Sunfish.png Tropical Sunfish Fish Tropical Rare
Sunset Guppy.png Sunset Guppy Fish Tropical
Image Name Tags
Sand Dollar.png
Sand Dollar Currency
Coconut Tropical
Pineapple.png Pineapple Fruit