Mermaid Outfit (Set)

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A player posing while wearing the Mermaid Set.

The Mermaid Outfit Set consists of 3 clothing items: Scale Mermaid Tiara, Scale Mermaid Armor, and the Scale Mermaid Tail.

The "Mermaid Outfit (Set)" is not the same as the "Under the Sea Outfit (Set)", which is clothing from the "Under the Sea Celebration" event.

List of Items
Image Name Cost
Scale Mermaid Tail 10 Seashell Seashell.png

2 Fabric

Scale Mermaid Tiara.png Scale Mermaid Tiara 10 Seashell Seashell.png

1 Fabric

Scale Mermaid Armor 10 Seashell Seashell.png

2 Fabric


The Mermaid Outfit Set will enable you to explore underwater much easier, increasing your Swim Speed and massively reducing the Stamina Consumption of Diving.


The player will unlock the Mermaid Outfit Set during the "Comic Relief" quest. The player must have first completed both the "Finding Flippers" and "Deep Diving" quests to be able to find and unlock the Mermaid Outfit Set.

Outfit Locations

The Mermaid Outfit Set is located in Rainbow Reef, in three separate locations.

The approximate locations of the three Mermaid Clothing Set items.