Rainbow Reef

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Rainbow Reef Map.jpg

Name Rainbow Reef
Symbol Rainbow Reef Icon.png
Location Center
Fast Travel Stops Fast_Travel_Icon.png Comedy Club, Kelp Maze, Sunken Ship
Additional Areas The Hole, Pirate Ship, The Trench, Heart of the Island, The Lowest Point
Structures/Buildings Comedy Club, Recycling Plant, Mermaidifier, Aquafall Machine, Floating Stage
Visitor Cabins 4

Rainbow%20Reef%20Icon.png Rainbow Reef is an underwater area of the resort, home to the shipwreck and the Comedy Club. In order to access the majority of Rainbow Reef, the player must unlock the FlippersDiscordIcon.webp Flippers and the Snorkel.webp Snorkel. It has five puzzle rooms.


The following characters are characters that generally reside in Rainbow Reef. Characters that pass through Rainbow Reef, such as Cinnamoroll-Icon.png Cinnamoroll, are not listed here.


Hangyodon-Icon.png Hangyodon can be found telling jokes in the comedy club located in the eastern part of Rainbow Reef.


Image Name Tags
Crustocean.png Crustocean Critter Aquatic
Dreamshell Drifter.png Dreamshell Drifter Critter Aquatic Rare
Barnabeetle.png Barnabeetle Critter Aquatic
Inky Ballooper.png Inky Ballooper Critter Aquatic Rare
Rainbow Ribbiter.png Rainbow Ribbiter Critter Aquatic Rare
Sapphire Seapony.png Sapphire Seapony Critter Aquatic
Slugnautica.png Slugnautica Critter Aquatic
Wollypog.png Wollypog Critter Aquatic
Image Name Tags
Briny Clamfish.png Briny Clamfish Fish Aquatic Rare
Kelpfin.png Kelpfin Fish Aquatic
Royal Lance.png Royal Lance Fish Aquatic
Sailing Charmfish.png Sailing Charmfish Fish Aquatic Rare
Opal Flutterfin.png Opal Flutterfin Fish Aquatic
Electric Tang.png Electric Tang Fish Aquatic
Sandy Puffer.png Sandy Puffler Fish Aquatic Rare
Galaxy Grouper.png Galaxy Grouper Fish Aquatic Rare
Starry Snipe.png Starry Snipe Fish Aquatic Starfall Icon.png

*Note: The Halfmoon Herring.png Halfmoon Herring has the Aquatic Aquatic tag and is therefore treated as a Rainbow Reef fish, but it is not able to be caught in the region and not listed above. The Starry Snipe.png Starry Snipe can only be caught during a Aquatic Starfall.

Image Name Tags
Seashell.png Seashell Currency
Coral Milk.png Coral Milk Dairy
Starfish.png Starfish Aquatic
Chocolate Coin.png Chocolate Coin Chocolate
Box Clams.png Box Clam
Trash.png Trash

Locations/Structures Icon_dialog_location.png


The Mermaidifier is a structure located on the east beach of Rainbow Reef. The player will unlock the Mermaidifier while completing the "Comic Relief" quest. The ability to use it to instantly transform into a mermaid outfit while in the water is unlocked by the "Mermaidified Fashion" quest series.

Aquafall Machine

The Aquafall Machine is a structure located to the right of the Kelp Maze fast-travel point/the northwest side of Rainbow Reef. The player will unlock the Aquafall Machine while completing the "Comic Relief" quest. After completing the quest, rain will now fall occasionally around Friendship Island. When it rains on Friendship Island, Rainfall Flower.png Rainfall Flowers will appear around the island. When watered using the Watering Can they produce Raindrop.pngRaindrops.