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Clothes (Icon)

Clothes can be purchased from File:Tuxedosam-Icon.pngTuxedosam in Tuxedosam's Shop in File:Seaside_Resort_Icon.png Seaside Resort, or obtained from File:Treasure_Chest_Icon.png Treasure Chests, File:Radiant_Chest_Icon.png Radiant Chests, by completing Quests Icon.png Quests, or during special Calendar Icon.png Events. Clothing items either can be worn on the player's head (Hats), upper torso (Shirts), or lower body (Pants/Skirts), or they can be full-body outfits. Additionally, there are special clothing sets that the player can collect with special abilities, clothing that can only be obtained via events (Event Clothing), and Character Hats that can be obtained via Character Gift Boxes.

List of Clothing Items

Clothes (Tag)