Comic Relief

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"Comic Relief" is an 'The Island Mystery' quest. The player must have reached friendship level 6 with Hangyodon in order to complete this quest.

Quest Description

"Revive the Comedy Club and help Hangyodon have a great show."

Quest Information

The player will meet Hangyodon at the Comedy Club, where he will first ask the player to find his suitcase, which is located on the ground within the area behind the Comedy Club. Once returning the suitcase back to Hangyodon, he will then ask them to find the 3 pieces of the Mermaid Outfit and put them on.

After talking to Hangyodon with the Mermaid Outfit on, the player will then be prompted to meet Hangyodon and Chococat at the Mermaidifier. At the Mermaidifier, Chococat will explain that the player must find the three Power Crystals around Rainbow Reef in order to activate the machine.

Power Crystal Locations

Power Crystal #1

The first Power Crystal is located in the Sunken Solutions puzzle room.

Power Crystal #2

The second Power Crystal is located in the Kelp Maze.

Power Crystal #3

The third Power Crystal is located at the lowest point of the world.

Once the Mermaidifier has been activated, TOPHAT will appear and go over his forgotten memories about Rainbow Reef ( Keroppi will also be there to join in on the fun!) After TOPHAT disappears, Hangyodon will then ask the player to deliver flyers for his show to My Melody. The player will receive the Decorative Blue Power Crystal crafting plans. After delivering the flyers, the player must then return to the Comedy Club at night to continue the quest.

Before the show begins, Hangyodon will be nervous and ask for the player to make him a coffee at the Espresso Machine in the Comedy Club — coffee can be made with Candlenut and any other material(s). After the player gives Hangyodon his coffee, he'll still be nervous and will ask if the player can join his show.

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