Strawberry Crates

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Strawberry Crate

Strawberry Crates can be found all across Friendship Island. Unlike materials, Strawberry Crates do not ever respawn. Strawberry Crates cannot be picked up or otherwise shared by multiplayer guests visiting another person's island, and Strawberry Crates cannot be gifted to others.

Strawberry Crates are used to restore Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Visitor Cabins. My Melody-Icon.png My Melody has a companion ability that reduces a cabin's repair cost by 1 crate.

Aside from finding them around the island, Strawberry Crates can be obtained in the following ways:

  • 1 as a Daily Reward Icon.png Daily Reward from My Melody-Icon.png My Melody every Friday.
  • Differing amounts from some Calendar Icon.png Event daily reward calendars.
  • Up to 3 from completing Weekly Quests:
    • 1 from the "Adventure Together" (multiplayer) quest.
    • 1 from the "Island Explorer" (gathering) quest.
    • 1 from the "Special Delivery" (gifting) quest.


To be added: A Merry Meadow crate map.