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Multiplayer Icon

Multiplayer allows for two players to play together. One player can invite the other to join the first player on the first player's island. The Multiplayer_Icon.png Multiplayer application in the Menu_Tablet_Icon_.png Tablet allows players to access the multiplayer functions, such as invite codes or joining another's game using a code. To unlock all Multiplayer functionality, the player must complete the "Small Gift Big Smile" quest and start the "Friends From Afar" quest.

The Official Discord

If you do not know anyone who plays the game in real life, you can still find others to play with. We recommend using the official Discord server for Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Because of safety concerns, such as the wide range of ages that the game may appeal to, the official Discord server requires that players not share codes in the automatically available channels or through direct messages (DMs). Instead, a player joining the Discord needs to use the "Read To Unlock" (#read-to-unlock) channel to unlock the server’s "Multiplayer" role, which allows access to the server’s multiplayer channels.

There are several channels locked behind the Multiplayer role, such as "Let’s Play Together" (#lets-play-together), which is used for arranging casual meetups for purposes such as completing Multiplayer Quests.

How to Host

To host a multiplayer session, you should:

  1. Open the Menu_Tablet_Icon_.png Tablet.
  2. Select the Multiplayer_Icon.png Multiplayer application.
  3. Copy the code and give it to the player who you want to join you.

Here is some further information about how codes work:

  • Codes are temporary. They change every time your reopen the Multiplayer_Icon.png Multiplayer application, and they expire within 5 minutes even if you leave the application open.
  • The "Send Code" option gives a long invitation that includes a large image. It is not always the best way to share your code.
  • To copy only the code, you can use the rectangular icon in a circle to the right of the "Send Code" option.
  • If you have sent the code to someone, do not close the Multiplayer_Icon.png Multiplayer application until the other player has connected. Sometimes, closing the menu can also cause the code to change.

How to Join

There are two places you can enter the host's code in order to join them.

  1. Open the Menu_Tablet_Icon_.png Tablet, select the Multiplayer_Icon.png Multiplayer application, and click "Join Friend".
  2. On the game's title screen, click the "Join Friend" button.
  3. Enter and submit the code.

Once you have entered the code you received from another player, you should be taken to a loading screen while you wait for the other player's island to load.


Sometimes, joining another player's island or having someone join your island may fail. Some possible causes are:

  • One player has not updated their game, so the versions do not match. Both players should check the app store for updates.
  • At least one player has a poor connection, or their connection is throttled by something like a firewall.
  • At least one of the players is minimizing the game app on their phone or tablet, causing the connection to break. For example, a player may be minimizing the game on their mobile device to go chat in Discord. If playing on a mobile device, the player should always keep the game open and use a separate device for accessing other apps or websites.
  • The host is not staying in the Multiplayer_Icon.png Multiplayer application until the guest joins, causing the code to change and the connection to fail.

If you continue to experience issues, some things to try include:

  • Logging out of and back into Game Center from your device’s settings.
  • Completely closing the game and restarting it.
  • Completely turning off your device and restarting it.
  • Using a different internet connection, like using wifi instead of mobile data.

To make sure online play is enabled in your game, from the title screen, click the gear-shaped icon to access the Settings menu. Then, click Permissions, and make sure "Allow Online" is turned on.

Playing Together

When playing together, two players can raise their Multiplayer Friendship levels by completing tasks in order to unlock new emotes and multiplayer abilities, as well as to earn Friendship Bead.png Friendship Beads. A player can access the Friendship Tasks list either through the Multiplayer Icon.png Multiplayer application menu or the small HUD icon multiplayer.png multiplayer icon to the right of the mini-map.

Guests cannot directly complete most quests, but they can provide assistance. Their assistance is usually required with Multiplayer Quests. Also, the host and guest can work together to complete Mini Games and Challenge Courses. The guest will only be awarded the basic rewards during both. (Guests cannot earn prizes such as trophy pieces or Nordic Furniture.)

Guests and hosts can gift each other items if they have unlocked the corresponding abilities. Basic gifting (most furniture and most non-clothing items) are giftable as soon as the level 1 task is completed. Clothing gifting is not possible until the level 13 tasks are completed. Certain items, such as Character Hats, can never be gifted.

It is considered rude for guests to collect materials without asking permission from the host. Unless the guest and host are at friendship level 15 with each other, any materials collected by the guest are not made available to the host. (However, certain special items, such as Strawberry crate.png Strawberry Crates, do go into the host's inventory if the guest attempts to collect them.) Event currency items cannot be collected by guests.