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A Visitor Cabin on the Cozy Islands

Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Visitor Cabins are residences scattered across the amusement park that players can unlock using Strawberry Crates Strawberry Crate (icon). When decorated to meet certain requirements, visitor cabins can become home to various characters that can visit the island. To unlock visitor cabins, the player must complete the "Furnishing for Friends" quest. To unlock the option to upgrade visitor cabins, the player must complete the "Bigger on the Inside" quest.

Visitor Cabins by Region

Every region has different amounts of visitor cabins that require different amounts of Strawberry Crate (icon) Strawberry Crates to open. My Melody-Icon.png My Melody can reduce the cost to open by 1 crate if she has the ability unlocked and is currently the player’s companion.

Region Name Cost in Strawberry Crate (icon) Crates # of Cabins Visitor Requirement
Seaside Resort Icon.png Seaside Resort 3 8 Mimmy icon Mimmy, Dear Daniel icon Dear Daniel, Tam icon Tam, Pam icon Pam, My Melody's Grandpa icon My Melody's Grandpa, My Melody's Grandma icon My Melody's Grandma, My Melody's Mama My Melody's Mama, My Melody's Papa icon My Melody's Papa, George White (icon) George White, Mary White (icon) Mary White
Spooky Swamp icon Spooky Swamp 5 4 Baku icon Baku
Gemstone Mountain Icon Gemstone Mountain 7 5 Macaron Icon Macaron, Pompompurin's Papa Icon Pompompurin's Papa, Pompompurin's Mama Icon Pompompurin's Mama
Rainbow Reef icon Rainbow Reef 5 4
Mount Hothead icon Mount Hothead 10 4
Cloud Island icon Cloud Island 12 5
Merry Meadow icon Merry Meadow 16 6 Aro icon Aro, Chico icon Chico, Lou icon Lou, Poco icon Poco, Nina icon Nina, Roseanne icon Roseanne, Lutz icon Lutz

Visitor Residents

There are many Island Visitors who may visit a cabin if it meets their requirements. Some are always traveling, while others travel on a weekly or seasonal schedule. Their visits usually last until the end of the day when their current request is filled. A visitor that has reached a Island Vibe Star Icon.png 5-star rating by fulfilling their Daily Quests on 5 occasions can be asked to permanently move into a cabin.

If the player wants a visitor in residence to leave, the player can ask them to do so. However, it is not necessary to do so in order to move the visitor or their cabin. The cabin swap option works with visitors, whether they are temporarily visiting or permanently in residence.

Furnishing Visitor Cabins

In order to furnish a visitor cabin, the player must first enter the desired cabin that they would like to furnish. After entering the cabin, there will be a Cabin-Furnishing Button.png "furnishing" icon on the lower right corner of the screen. Selecting that button will enter the player into the furnishing mode.

When pressing on the Cabin-Add Furniture Button.png "add furniture" icon,' a menu will pop-up that will display all of the items that the player can place on the floor of the cabin that are currently in the player's inventory. The player can choose from five different categories: Cabin-Items Button.png All Items, Cabin-Food Button.png ', Cabin-Critters Button.png Critters, Cabin-Furniture Button.png Furniture, and Cabin-Comics Button.png Comic Books.

Cabin-Items Button.png All Items' will display all the possible items that the player can place in the cabin. Cabin-Food Button.png ' will display all the possible food items that the player can place in the cabin. Cabin-Critters Button.png Critters will display all the possible critters that the player can place in the cabin. Cabin-Furniture Button.png Furniture will display all the possible furniture items that the player can place in the cabin.

When the player finds an item they would like to use, they can press Cabin-Place Button.png "Place", which will then remove the item from the player's inventory and place it into the cabin, or Cabin-Cancel Button.png "Cancel" to cancel placing an item.

In order to move furniture around, the player can press on the desired item to select it. This allows the player to drag it to a new position and causes three icons to appear: Cabin-Rotate Button.png Rotate, Cabin-Remove Button.png Remove, and Confirm. The Cabin-Rotate Button.png Rotate icon will allow the player to rotate the piece of furniture to the desired rotation. The Cabin-Remove Button.png Remove icon will remove the piece of furniture from the cabin and place it back into the player's inventory. The Cabin-Confirm Button.png Confirm icon will confirm any changes made to the piece of furniture.

The player can also change the wallpaper and flooring of the cabin by pressing the Cabin-Wallpaper-Flooring Button.png "paint roller" icon. A menu will appear on screen that allows the player to select which Cabin-Wallpaper Button.png wallpaper orCabin-Flooring Button.png flooring they would like to use to decorate the cabin.

To place items on Table Icon.png tables and Clothing Stand.png Clothing Stands or inside Aquarium Tank.pngAquarium Tanks and Terrarium.pngTerrariums, the player must exit out of furnishing mode by pressing the Exit Button.png exit button and walk up to the object. When close enough, the Interact Icon.png interact icon will appear on the lower right side of the screen. Once pressing on the Interact Icon.png interact icon, a menu will pop-up that will display all the possible items that can be displayed that are currently in the player's inventory. When the player finds an item they would like to use, they can press Cabin-Place Button.png "Accept", which will then remove the item from the player's inventory and place it onto/into the object.

To remove all items in a cabin, the player can press the Cabin-Pack Up Button.png "pack up" icon near the "add furniture" and "paint roller" icons. A pop up with appear to confirm if the player really wants to put all items in the cabin back into their inventory.

To exit furnishing mode, the player can press the Exit Button.png exit button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Cabin Swapping

Once the player has opened more than one cabin, the entire contents of the cabin can be swapped between cabins. In a non-upgraded cabin, this is done by interacting with the cabin's sign and choosing the "swap" option. This also swaps any visitor to the same location as their cabin's contents. In an upgraded cabin, the information icon at the top right of the outdoor cabin sign or the room plaques inside the cabin have the swap option.

Plus Sign (+) Meaning

Example photo of cabin plus signs (+)

Visitors have a 50% chance of visiting if you fulfill their cabin requirements. You can increase those chances by adding items that they might like.

The Cabin-Plus Sign Icon.png plus signs (+) match a visitor’s liked tag item(s) in a 1:1 ratio, up to five. The plus signs (+) are the same as the number of matching tag items for the visitor.

The plus signs increase the normal 50% chance that a visitor visits on any given day. The exact amount of impact that the plusses have has not been confirmed, but the effect of 5 plusses is significant.

Upgrading Visitor Cabins

After completing the "Bigger on the Inside" quest, the player can upgrade any repaired visitor cabin in any region to add up to 5 additional rooms. Upgrading turns the main room into a lobby, shifts any preexisting cabin room into Room A of the cabin, and opens room B. My Melody-Icon.png My Melody's ability does not lower the cost of cabin upgrades.

Once a cabin is upgraded, certain functions previously accessed through interacting with the main cabin sign (such as swapping a visitor cabin's resident to a new location)

Upgrade # Cost in Strawberry Crate (icon) Crates Additions
1 3 lobby + room B
2 5 room C
3 8 lobby stairs + room D
4 15 room E
5 25 room F

Player Cabins

The player will be able to claim their own cabin once they have completed the "Home Sweet Home" quest series. To claim a cabin, the player must go to one of their repaired Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Cabins, walk up to the sign outside of an unupgraded cabin or a room plaque inside of an upgraded cabin, and select the "Move In" button. Cabins occupied by Island Visitors can be claimed, but the visitor will be forced to move out immediately. The player can also move out of their own cabin by walking up to the sign outside of their currently owned cabin and selecting the "Move Out" button.

Multiplayer Cabins

In multiplayer, the hosting player will be able to have a guest move into a cabin once the host has completed the "Friends From Afar" quest, achieved a friendship level of 4 or higher with another player, and unlocked the "Vacation Homes" quest. To move a guest in, the host must interact with the cabin of a repaired and unoccupied Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Visitor Cabin (or the room plaque of an unoccupied room in an upgraded cabin), select the "Invite Friend" option, and then confirm the invitation.

Note: As of 1.3, sometimes the Invite Friend option will not appear the first multiplayer session where friendship level 4 is achieved. A new multiplayer session will fix the issue.

The guest invited to the cabin will receive a notification at the top of their screen, and interacting with it will give them the option to teleport to their new cabin. The guest can then enter the cabin and decorate it if they want. If the host also enters the cabin, the host can react to the guest's decorating with emotes on the screen.

Items placed by a guest still belong to the guest, and the guest can reclaim their items at any time, even while not on the host's island, by interacting with the Multiplayer Quest Symbol.png multiplayer button in their inventory. If they do so while not on the host island, the cabin on the host island will remain decorated until the guest visits the host again.

The host can also remove the guest from the cabin at any time. Interacting with a multiplayer guest's cabin's sign will show the option to "Kick Friend". If the host clicks that and then confirms their choice, the guest will be moved out immediately. If the guest is not on the island and has not yet reclaimed decorations from their end, the guest will receive their items upon their next visit.