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Island Challenge Trophies are craftables made from trophy pieces earned through completing the bronze, silver, and gold level of all Challenge Courses in a particular region. Only 1 bronze, 1 silver, and 1 gold piece can be earned from any single challenge course. The player unlocks the Crafting_Plans_Image.png Crafting Plans for a trophy when they first earn one of the corresponding trophy pieces.

Separately, there is the Island Challenge Airplane Trophy.png Island Challenge Airplane Trophy, which can be collected in the Seaside Resort Plaza after successfully falling through all Obstacle Course Ring.png Obstacle Course Rings when jumping from the Airplane.

One Island Challenge Trophy is required for Lou (character) Lou, who is an Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Island Visitor.

Image Name Tags Rarity Materials
Bronze_Seaside_Trophy.png Bronze Seaside Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Bronze_Seaside_Trophy_Piece.png Bronze Seaside Trophy Piece (7)
Bronze_Swamp_Trophy.png Bronze Swamp Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Bronze_Swamp_Trophy_Piece.png Bronze Swamp Trophy Piece (7)
Bronze_Gemstone_Trophy.png Bronze Gemstone Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Bronze_Gemstone_Trophy_Piece.png Bronze Gemstone Trophy Piece (10)
Bronze_Reef_Trophy.png Bronze Reef Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Bronze_Reef_Trophy_Piece.png Bronze Reef Trophy Piece (6)
Bronze_Hothead_Trophy.png Bronze Hothead Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Bronze_Hothead_Trophy_Piece.png Bronze Hothead Trophy Piece (6)
Bronze_Cloud_Island_Trophy.png Bronze Cloud Island Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Bronze_Cloud_Island_Trophy_Piece.png Bronze Cloud Island Trophy Piece (6)
Bronze Meadow Trophy.png Bronze Meadow Trophy Sports Icon.webp Rare Bronze Meadow Trophy Piece.png Bronze Meadow Trophy Piece (6)
Silver_Seaside_Trophy.png Silver Seaside Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Silver_Seaside_Trophy_Piece.png Silver Seaside Trophy Piece (7)
Silver_Swamp_Trophy.png Silver Swamp Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Silver_Swamp_Trophy_Piece.png Silver Swamp Trophy Piece (7)
Silver_Gemstone_Trophy.png Silver Gemstone Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Silver_Gemstone_Trophy_Piece.png Silver Gemstone Trophy Piece (10)
Silver_Reef_Trophy.png Silver Reef Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Silver_Reef_Trophy_Piece.png Silver Reef Trophy Piece (6)
Silver_Hothead_Trophy.png Silver Hothead Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Silver_Hothead_Trophy_Piece.png Silver Hothead Trophy Piece (6)
Silver_Cloud_Island_Trophy.png Silver Cloud Island Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Silver_Cloud_Island_Trophy_Piece.png Silver Cloud Island Trophy Piece (6)
Silver Meadow Trophy.png Silver Meadow Trophy Sports Icon.webp Rare Silver Meadow Trophy Piece.png Silver Meadow Trophy Piece (6)
Gold_Seaside_Trophy.png Gold Seaside Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Gold_Seaside_Trophy_Piece.png Gold Seaside Trophy Piece (7)
Gold_Swamp_Trophy.png Gold Swamp Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Gold_Swamp_Trophy_Piece.png Gold Swamp Trophy Piece (7)
Gold_Gemstone_Trophy.png Gold Gemstone Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Gold_Gemstone_Trophy_Piece.png Gold Gemstone Trophy Piece (10)
Gold_Reef_Trophy.png Gold Reef Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Gold_Reef_Trophy_Piece.png Gold Reef Trophy Piece (6)
Gold_Hothead_Trophy.png Gold Hothead Trophy Sports_Icon.webp Rare Gold_Hothead_Trophy_Piece.png Gold Hothead Trophy Piece (6)
Gold_Cloud_Island_Trophy.png Gold Cloud Island Troph Sports_Icon.webp Rare Gold_Cloud_Island_Trophy_Piece.png Gold Cloud Island Trophy Piece (6)
Gold Meadow Trophy.png Gold Meadow Trophy Sports Icon.webp Rare Gold Meadow Trophy Piece.png Gold Meadow Trophy Piece (6)
Island Challenge Airplane Trophy.png Island Challenge Airplane Trophy Sports (tag icon) Rare N/A