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Spoilers may be contained on this page.

Lou (full size)
Birthday November 11
Relationships Wish me mell icon Wish me mell (friend)
Aro.png Aro (friend)
Chico.png Chico (friend)
Poco.png Poco (friend)
Likes ??? Colorblaze (Tag)
Location chocolate coin Merry Meadow

Lou.png Lou is a friend of Wish me mell Wish me mell and is a possible island visitor. To have him as a possible visitor, the player must complete the "A Long Awaited Introduction" quest.

He can visit the player anytime if his Visitor Cabin (icon) Visitor Cabin Requirements are met. Until he reaches a Star 5-star friendship level on your island, he will assign Daily Quests, one per visit to your island. His daily gift for talking to him is a Stick.png Stick.

Having Lou as a Star 5-star resident unlocks the Hibiscus.png "Beach Blossoms" quest.


"It can be hard to keep up with Lou, because he's always running around. He loves to play soccer with all of his friends.”

Visitor Cabin Requirements

For Lou.png Lou to move into a Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Visitor Cabin, it must meet the following requirements:


Daily Quests
# Name Description Objective Reward
1 Fishy Friends "I want to try all the activities around the island. Let's start with fishing!" Catch a fish with the Meadow Icon.png meadow tag Increase Star Rating
2 Critter Time "Chasing after critters seems like good exercise. Let's see what we can catch." Catch any critter at Merry Meadow Icon.webp Merry Meadow Increase Star Rating
3 Gemstone Jog "A quick jog around Gemstone Mountain seems like a good way to work off some energy." Get Shiny.png Shiny x3 Increase Star Rating
4 Fizzy Fun "Whew! This vacation has been so busy! Busy is the best kind of vacation, but I'm so thirsty." Brew a beverage at the Soda Machine Icon.png Soda Machine Increase Star Rating
5 Fiery Heights "How about a quick climb up to the Caldera? That'll get our muscles working." Visit the Fast Travel Icon.png Caldera Increase Star Rating