Care Packages

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"Care Packages" is a Friendship Quest that is unlocked by reaching friendship level 12 with Wish me mell and after the player has access to the Merry Meadows Plaza (via Giant Seed beanstalk).

Quest Description

"Help Wish me mell make care packages to send to her friends..."

Quest Information

The player will meet with Wish me mell, who will explain that she'd like help making her school friends care packages. Wish me mell will ask the player to take some selfies with her so that she can show off Merry Meadows to her friends, and will then lead the player to 2 different spots. The first spot the player and Wish me mell will take a selfie at is by Merry Meadows Fields, and the second is Merry Meadows Plaza. After they finish, the player will give Wish me mell 10 sheets of paper so that she can write notes to go along with the photos. The player will then suggest that they ask Cinnamoroll to deliver the care packages. Cinnamoroll will suddenly appear out of thin air and agree to help, delivering the care packages in a matter of seconds. Once he returns, Cinnamoroll will explain that he found a Giant Seed, and will give it to the player to plant.