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Fertilizer is an item that can be used on flowers at any growth stage in any flower plot. It can be obtained from composting seeds, flower seeds, troweled flowers, or plucked flowers using the Icon interaction compost bin.png Composter that the player unlocks during the "Mulch Be Well" quest. It can also be obtained by completing certain Challenge Courses in Merry Meadow Icon.webp Merry Meadow a 4th time but can only be obtained once per course.

Fertilizer can be used once a day on any flowers except for fully bloomed flowers, newly planted seed packets, and replanted seedlings. It increases seed propagation (or the chance of a flower producing seeds), increases the chance of successfully crossbreeding, and may give a flower plant without a pattern the default pattern for that flower's type. Once a flower has a pattern, it can be used to transfer its color across flower types by crossbreeding with other flower types.

Lutz.png Lutz will gift the player FertilizerIcon.png Fertilizer when visiting the island.


  • Increases seed propagation
  • Increases chance of successfully crossbreeding
  • Has a chance of giving a flower a rare pattern (such as the Ombre Pattern Black.png ombre pattern)
Image Name Tags Rarity
FertilizerIcon.png Fertilizer N/A Common