Seed Dispenser

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Seed Dispenser & Composter
A player standing near the Seed Dispenser & Composter.

The Seed Dispenser is where the player can obtain flower seed packets and Fertilizer (Icon) Fertilizer. It is located in Merry Meadow Icon.webp Merry Meadow, to the left of the Fast Travel Icon.png Merry Meadows Plaza fast-travel point. There are 2 components to the Seed Dispenser — the Seed Dispenser Seed Dispenser and the Composter (icon) Composter.

To access the Seed Dispenser and complete any related quests, the player must first access the Merry Meadows Plaza by planting and watering a Giant Seed (Icon) Giant Seed in the Merry Meadows Fields.

Seed Dispenser

The player will unlock the Seed Dispenser once they have completed the "Green Thumbs" quest. The player can insert flowers into the Seed Dispenser in exchange for the seeds of the flower they inserted. The player will get a seed for each flower they insert.

Rare flowers (flowers with patterns like ombrés) cannot be inserted, but crossbreeds can be inserted if they do not also have a pattern. Flowers only obtainable during events also cannot enter the Seed Dispenser.

Composter (icon) Composter

The player will unlock the Composter (icon) Composter once they have completed the "Mulch Be Well" quest. The player can fill up the Composter Bin with SeedIcon.png Seeds, flowers, troweled flowers, and flower seeds in exchange for Fertilizer (Icon) Fertilizer. The player will get 1 Fertilizer (Icon) Fertilizer for each item they fill the bin with.

All types of flowers, seeds, and seedlings, including rares, crossbreeds, and event ones, can be placed into the Composter's Bin.