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The Pickaxe.webp Pickaxe allows the player to break boulders, allowing the player to complete certain quests and access different locations on the island. The pickaxe can be crafted while completing the "Revive the Oasis" quest.

Pickaxe (Discord Icon)


Around the island, there are a variety of boulders. The player can break many of those boulders using the pickaxe. Boulders may need to be destroyed for quests or to reveal a Treasure Chest Icon.png Treasure Chest inside. The Pickaxe.webp Pickaxe does not appear in the player's toolbar; instead, it automatically replaced the interaction button when the player is in close enough proximity to break a boulder.

Some boulders are not breakable with the Pickaxe.webp Pickaxe and can only be removed through specific quests.

The Pickaxe.webp Pickaxe can also used to break most Treasure Chest Icon.png Treasure Chests after they have been opened. This does not give the player any benefits but is intended to allow the player to remove the chests if the player does not like them. Treasure Chest Icon.png Treasure chests involved in quests cannot be broken.


The pickaxe recipe is unlocked during the "Revive the Oasis" quest, when Chococat-icon.png Chococat gives the player the Pickaxe Plan. In order to craft the pickaxe, you'll need the following items: 10 Woodblock.png Woodblock and 3 Ingot.png Ingot. The pickaxe can be crafted at the crafting bench left of the fast-travel point in Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain.

Image Name Tags Rarity Materials
Pickaxe.webp Pickaxe N/A Legendary Woodblock.png Woodblock (10)

Ingot.png Ingot (3)