Gemstone Mountain

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Name Gemstone Mountain
Symbol Gemstone Mountain Icon.png
Location North
Fast Travel Stops Fast_Travel_Icon.png Gemstone Town, Oasis, Icy Peak Entrance
Additional Areas Crystal Caves, High Desert, Oasis,

Merry Meadows Entrance, Dune Lagoon, Campfire

Visitor Cabins 5

Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain is an Old West-themed island located in the north of the world map. At the center of Gemstone Mountain is Gemstone Town, which is home to the Dance Hall and the Soda Machine. It has five puzzle rooms and is where the Crystal Caves are located.

After the player has completed the "Wild Mountain Time" quest , they will be able to plant Seed Seeds in the flower plots around the Gemstone Mountain, which will grow in to Thistles.


The following characters are characters that generally reside in Gemstone Mountain. Characters that pass through Gemstone Mountain, such as Cinnamoroll-Icon.png Cinnamoroll, are not listed here.


Pekkle-icon.png Pekkle can be found dancing away in the center of Gemstone Town, just south of the Dance Hall.


After jumping from the plane, Pompompurin-icon.png Pompompurin landed in the canyon west of Gemstone Town, where he found and opened the Dessert Boat.


Image Name Tags
Frondhawk.png Frondhawk Critter Rocky
Rockadoodler.png Rockadoodler Critter Rocky
Stony Slugler.png Stony Slugler Critter Rocky
Sunset Scooter.png Sunset Scooter Critter Rocky
Rosy Duster.png Rosy Duster Critter Rocky
Acactnid.png Acactnid Critter Rocky
Twinklebug.png Twinklebug Critter Rocky Rare
Tumblebug.png Tumblebug Critter Rocky
Scarlet Scuttler.png Scarlet Scuttler Critter Rocky
Soaking Slugler Critter Rocky Rare

*Note: The Soaking Slugler.png Soaking Slugler can only be caught during Aquatic Rain.

Image Name Tags
Halfmoon Herring.png Halfmoon Herring Fish Aquatic Rare
Cavern Clamfish.png Cavern Clamfish Fish Rocky Rare
Neon Longtail.png Neon Longtail Fish Rocky
Jeweled Goby.png Jeweled Goby Fish Rocky Rare
Banded Spelunker.png Banded Spelunker Fish Rocky
Mountain Gulper.png Mountain Gulper Fish Rocky
Ruby Dreamscale.png Ruby Dreamscale Fish Rocky
Image Name Tags
Shiny.png Shiny Currency
Cactus Cream.png Cactus Cream
Sakura.png Sakura Pink
Fizzy Ore.png Fizzy Ore Basic

Locations Icon_dialog_location.png

Rockadoodler Corral

The Rockadoodler Corral is located in the upper region of Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain, north of the Oasis. The Rockadoodler Roundup mini game is located there after the "Rockadoodler Roundup" quest is completed.

Cozy Crystal

The Cozy Crystal is an area located to the left of the Gemstone Mountain / Mount Hothead Zipline Icon.png Zipline in Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain. The player will learn about this location during the :Home Sweet Home" quest series.

Master Control Room

The Master Control Room entrance is located in the High Desert of Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain, north of Gemstone Town. The player will gain access to this location during the "Reboot the Robots" quest.


The Campfire is located in the upper region of Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain, north of the Oasis, near the Rockadoodler Roundup mini game after the "An Egg-cellent Pan" quest is completed. The Egg Pan Station Icon.png Egg Pan Station is also located here.