Revive the Oasis

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Spoilers may be contained on this page.

"Revive the Oasis" is an 'The Island Mystery' quest that brings the greenery back to the Oasis and unlocks the Pickaxe. Once the player has completed "Dessert-ed Boat", "Parched", and has reached friendship level 11 with My Melody, the player will be asked to meet Keroppi at the Oasis in Gemstone Mountain.

My Melody will join the conversation, and the player will be prompted to explore the surrounding area, where they will examine a bolder that is blocking an cave entrance to the Crystal Caves. After doing so, the player must then find the water source within the cave with My Melody and Keroppi — the player can do so by following the quest indicator on the map. Chococat-icon.png Chococat will give the player the Pickaxe Plan, allowing them to craft the Pickaxe. Once crafting the Pickaxe, the player must then break the four boulders blocking the water source, which will appear on the map.

At the end of the quest, Kiki and Lala will reward the player with the Gemstone Mountain Star Fragment. Additionally, the player will now be able to collect Sakura, located on the left side of the newly formed pond at the Oasis.

Quest Description

"Bring the water back to the parched Oasis."

Required Materials

In order to craft the Pickaxe, you'll need the following items: 10 Woodblock and 3 Ingot . After finding all of the materials, the player can craft the Pickaxe at crafting table, to the left of the fast-travel point in Gemstone Mountain.