Bubble Wand

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The Bubble Wand allows the player to catch Critters underwater in Rainbow Reef Icon.png Rainbow Reef and complete certain quests. It is unlocked during the "Magic Bubble Wand" quest.

Bubble Wand (Icon)


During the "Magic Bubble Wand" quest, the player will receive the Bubble Wand Crafting Plans from Chococat-icon.pngChococat. In order to craft the Bubble Wand, the player needs the following items: 20 Starfish.png Starfish, 5 Box Clams.png Box Clams, and 3 Mechanism.png Mechanisms. The Bubble Wand can be crafted at Chococat-icon.png Chococat’s crafting table in Seaside Resort Icon.png Seaside Resort.

Image Name Rarity Tags Materials
Bubble Wand.png Bubble Wand Legendary N/A Box Clams.png Box Clam (5)

Starfish.png Starfish (20)

Mechanism.png Mechanism (3)