Catching a Cloudragon

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"Catching a Cloudragon" is an 'Friendship Quest' quest and is unlocked when the player has completed the "Icy Recovery" and "Magic Bubble Wand" quests and has reached friendship level 8 with Kiki and friendship level 13 with Keroppi.

Quest Description

"Help Kiki catch the elusive Cloudragon"

Quest Information

The player will meet Kiki on Cloud Island. When speaking to Kiki, he will explain to the player that he is having trouble catching an Cloudragon. Then the player will be prompted to speak to all of the Island Residents. Once speaking to Keroppi, he will accompany the player in catching the Cloudragon. The player must then catch one Cloudragon and gift it to Kiki. The player can either use their Net or Bubble Wand to catch the critter. After doing so, Kiki will unlock the Cloud Island Critter Corral. When at the Cloud Island Critter Corral, the player must then donate the Cloudragon to the Nul walking around nearby.