Icy Recovery

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"Icy Recovery" is an 'The Island Mystery' quest where the player has to find Lala's Magic Wand. The player must be friendship level 1 with Lala and completed, "Stargazing" and "A Challenging Rescue" in order to unlock the quest.

Quest Description

"Recover Lala's lost Magic Wand.

Quest Information

The player will meet Lala at the Cloud Island Plaza on Cloud Island. She will explain that she lost her magic wand at the Icy Peak and ask the player to retrieve it. The player must then go to Icy Peak and search for her wand. The wand should appear on the players map, indicating its location. Once the player has retrieved Lala's Magic Wand, they must then travel back to Cloud Island and gift the wand to Lala. After giving the Magic Wand back to Lala, she will restore the Stardust Store.