Cloud Cabins

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"Cloud Cabins" is an ''Friendship Quest' quest that unlocks the Cloud Cabins (aka Visitor Cabins) on Cloud Island. To unlock this quest, the player must have reached friendship level 10 with Kiki and has completed the "Sweets in the Stars" quest.

Quest Description

"Help the LittleTwinStars learn about fashion with Tuxedosam!"

Quest Information

The player will meet Kiki and Lala on Cloud Island, where they will be discussing their "outdated" fashion-style. Kiki and Lala will then ask to visit Tuxedosam at his shop in Seaside Resort. Once arriving at Tuxedosam's Shop and speaking to Tuxedosam, Kiki and Lala will show off their outfits which will inspire Tuxedosam. Tuxedosam will then ask the player to have a photoshoot with Kiki and Lala on Cloud Island. The player must then travel to Cloud Island, where they will meet Kiki and Lala at one of the Cloud Ride locations. Kiki will activate the Cloud Ride that allows the player to access the islands with cloud cabins. After traveling on the Cloud Ride to the next island, Kiki and Lala will introduce the cloud cabins to the player. Next the player must take three photos of Kiki and Lala in three separate locations. Once the player has finished taking the photos, the player must then go back to Tuxedosam's Shop and speak with Tuxedosam.